How to make a cache?

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How to make a cache?

Going on vacation or just a few days to the country, you should think about how to hide in a safe place all the savings and valuables. You can take everything with you, but on the way they can be stolen or you accidentally lose something yourself. The best way to save your valuables is to store them in the cache.

The cache should be made so that no one could guess that in front of it there is a safe with values ​​and savings. The place where it is necessary to make a cache should be inconspicuous.

Book stash

Making a book-stash with your own hands is quite simple. It will not stand out among the other books on the shelf and it will be very difficult to find.

To make a cache should prepare:

  • a book (hardcover and 5-10 cm thick);
  • glue;
  • construction knife (you can ordinary, but very sharp);Cache
  • the cloth.

Cache making

  1. First you need to glue together all the pages of the book on the edge, the middle should be unglued.
  2. After applying the glue, close the book, press it tightly and leave it for a few hours to dry completely.The first few pages must be left unplaced.
  3. When the book dries out, you should draw a rectangle on the first glued page and cut it on all pages up to the cover with a sharp construction knife.
  4. Next, you need to glue the inner sides of the sheets and the cache is ready. It can be left in this form, and you can decorate a little. To do this, grease the prepared fabric with glue and close the inside of the cache.
  5. In such a cache can be stored as jewelry, and money.

It should be remembered that the book - the cache should not differ in appearance from all other books on the shelf, so as not to attract the attention of robbers.

Book box

A book box is an imitation of books on a shelf.

Required material:

  • plywood board;
  • nails;Cache
  • a hammer;
  • books (same height);
  • glue.

Box Making

  1. We make a small box of plywood. The height of the box should not be greater than the height of the books.
  2. Cut off the roots of the prepared books and glue them to one of the sides of our hiding place.
  3. Now our hiding place looks like a few books neatly stowed on a shelf.

Double bottom drawer

In such a cache you can store not only valuables and money, but also folders with documents.

To make a cache you will need:

  • wooden slats;
  • a sheet of plywood or the material from which the bottom of your box is made;
  • glue.Cache


  1. First you need to cut off slats of the right size, and for this we measure the length of our box.
  2. Cut and lay the slats on the bottom of the box and fix them with glue.
  3. From the sheet of plywood cut the second bottom for your box. Cache is ready. Using the suction cup, you can open and close it.

If you were unable to find the material from which the bottom of the box is made, you can do the following:

  1. Detach the bottom of the drawer.
  2. In its place to attach the bottom of your material.
  3. In this case, the second bottom will be the real bottom of your box.

Chair seat

The bottom of the chair seat is the perfect place to hide.Cache

  1. Under the seat of the chair you need to make 5 small holes and insert small hooks into them.
  2. Elastic cord or rope should be missed between the hooks.
  3. On the rope, you can put a folder with documents.

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