How to make a bunch on the head

J. Law introduced frivolous beams into fashion. Practical simple hairstyle has ceased to be the property of housewives. And today, no one is surprised that celebrities appear at the most solemn events, decorating their heads with strict or deliberately sloppy beams. And Jennifer herself has more than a year been skating around the scene with a flirtatious little bit, and in everyday life she has already been caught by photographers with the same hairstyle more than once. "Bun" is the so-called fashion bundle abroad. Well, we'll have to learn how to do this hairstyle on our own.

how to make a bunch on the headHow to make a bunch on the head with a hairpin "Twister"

The easiest option is to purchase a Twister clip in the store. It is a strip of soft fabric with a sealed edge and a hole in the middle. In this hole you need to stretch the tail of the hair, and gently wind on the hairpin hair, evenly distributing them across the width. The edges of the twister need to close and hide under the hair. This method is suitable for daily installation. A bonus hairpin "Twister" will be cute curls, which are formed in the evening, thanks to the winding.

How to make a bunch on the head for a festive exit

Since we are talking about J. Law, we will be equal to her. To create a festive hairstyle, you must first wash your hair and apply mousse on it. Before drying, comb your hair well, and you need to blow dry with a brush, pulling. To collect hair in a low tail with elastic. Split into 3-4 strands, each of which twist around the gum, attaching studs and invisible. Spray the finished hair with lacquer. For holiday styling, you can use accessories with stones, beads, feathers.

fashion beam

Hairstyle bunch on medium hair

The longer the hair, the easier it is to make a bunch of them. But for medium hair there are options. An excellent find could be a bunch on a wide elastic band. To do this, on the back of your head you need to collect the tail on a thin elastic band. From above to put on a wide elastic band, as much as possible volume. Spread the hair in a circle over the entire surface of the gum. Hairpin to fix the tips. From the longest curls weave braids and decorate the edge of the beam, covering the studs. If you can not braid braids, you can use a decorative scarf or scarf, ribbon, lace and even beads.

Vanilla bunch

hairstyle bun on medium hairPopular hairstyle made very easy.This is primarily due to the fact that it is not necessary to try too hard. Such a bunch should be careless, it makes him so sweet and charming. Hair should be lifted as high as possible and collected exactly in the middle of the head with a rubber band. On the same gum you can wind the tail. Knocked strands, sticking gum, crook crook? It does not matter, it should be so! And before you make a bunch on your head, we will again admire the beautiful Jennifer, who wears such a hairstyle both on weekdays and on holidays.

Lush beam

How to make a bunch on the head, like a ballerina? Usually for these purposes a special foam rubber ring is used, on which hair is wound. But women of fashion who do not have it, invented a more interesting way - a sock. Yes, the usual sock! New desirable, though not necessarily. The main thing is clean. From it you need to roll a bagel, and cut the toe.

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