How to make a brick grill with your own hands. Brick barbecues and barbecue to give their own hands

The stationary brick grill has not yet become a symbol of the dacha. Many believe that they can easily do without him, instilling to themselves and those around him that he takes up too much expensive and scarce land suitable for growing vegetables, and barbecue and barbecue do not cook very often. These statements are incorrect.

brick grill

A brick grill made by our own hands for a dacha is the place that will eventually become the center of communication between your family members and visiting friends. Gradually, the area around it will become more comfortable and functional. You can not do without this facility. Building a brick grill with your own hands is not as difficult and costly as it seems.

Braziers located in the suburban areas, differ in shape, location, size.They are sometimes erected in the backyard, where no one sees them, or occupy a central place in the recreation area, decorating it with its original design and decoration. The design of a brazier in many respects depends on imagination and abilities of the owner of a personal plot. The choice always remains for the owner.

Made by all the rules, a brick grill allows you to cook not only kebabs and barbecues, but also many other dishes. It should be noted that food made on an open fire always has an excellent taste and is very good for health.

The construction of the barbecue will require careful preparation from the site owner. Much will depend on the chosen place, on how the surrounding area is equipped. It is necessary to calculate the amount of the necessary material, purchase it, prepare all the necessary tools, and only then proceed to construction. This will take time, and most importantly - a great desire.

What are the braziers

There are various types of these designs. They are divided into portable and stationary, which will be discussed in this article.

Braziers can be made from different materials.The most popular are made of metal, brick and stone.

Brick grill with his own hands.

The owners of personal plots often make combined braziers, which perform not only basic but also additional functions. They can be used as a smokehouse or barbecue.

The article will consider the construction of a stationary brick grill.

Advantages of constant construction

Brick grill has several advantages:

  1. Plays a role of the element decorating a seasonal dacha. It looks spectacular against the background of the surrounding nature.

  2. It is possible to cook food at any time of the day. Lack of electricity is not a hindrance.

What materials are needed for construction

Before you start building a brick grill with your own hands, you need to select and purchase certain materials, prepare the tools. Work on the creation of the brazier is divided into two stages:

  1. Creating a foundation.

  2. The construction of the construction of the roaster.

Tools for the first stage

To create the foundation, the following tools and building materials are required:

  1. SpadeThe design of the brazier is heavy, so the foundation is made solid, then the brazier will stand firmly on it.Shovel digging hole for laying the grounds.

  2. Boards, from them the timbering will be constructed.

  3. Cement and sand.The solution created from these components will go to fill the foundation of the structure.

  4. Metal gridfor reinforcing the base.

Materials and tools for the construction of the brazier in the second stage

For the construction of the mangal you will need the following building materials and tools:

  1. Fireproof brick (a chafing dish will be built from it).

  2. Trowel (with its help, brick is being made).

  3. Slaked lime, cement, water, sand are components for the mortar with which a brick is held together.

  4. Plumb, level to control the construction of the roaster.

  5. Metal corners, fittings for the arrangement of the firebox and brazier.

Location selection

Before you decide on the site where the brazier will be located, you need to set the main wind direction. The brazier must be placed on the leeward side. Then the smoke will not interfere with invited friends and those who prepare food.

Brick grill with cauldron.

The area where the brick grill will be located should be flat, located near the water source. Then you can equip a functional mini-kitchen.It looks perfect brazier, located inside the gazebo or equipped with an attractive canopy. This will allow you to gather with friends and households in any weather.


Before starting the construction of the brazier make a simple drawing, then it will be much easier for you to build a brick grill with your own hands. Usually it is a complex that includes a sink, tabletop, a place for firewood, a bar counter and much more, allowing the structure to properly perform its many functions. A simple diagram of a brick barbecue is shown in the photo above.

We build the base

Brick barbecues to give.

Foundation building consists of a series of works following one after another:

  1. A spade digs a hole, the dimensions of which correspond to the future foundation of the brazier.

  2. Going formwork of the boards.

  3. The mixture is prepared. It consists of one part of cement and three - sand. These components are diluted with clean water.

  4. Reinforcement of the base is made. At the bottom of the pit is placed a metal mesh and poured cement mortar at a third of the base depth, then another mesh is laid and the mortar is poured. This work is repeated again, time is given to dry the foundation.It usually takes two weeks.

Construction of the barbecue

After the base is completely dry, you need to proceed to the second stage of work - to build a brick grill with your own hands.

Brick grills are capitals.

The process looks like this:

  1. The day before the work begins, the bricks need to be kept in the water, after which they will not absorb water from the solution that holds them together - this will make the brazier design more durable.

  2. Before laying the bricks, the foundation is laid out.

  3. Preparing a clay-sand solution. You can buy in specialized stores clay-chamotte mixture. It has heat-resistant characteristics, and for its preparation you just need to add water, checking its actions with the instructions, and then begin laying bricks.

  4. Installation of bricks is carried out on pre-marked lines. Starting laying with corners, move gradually to the middle. Each new row is stacked with an offset of half a brick. It should be checked that the mixture completely fills the joints between the bricks.

  5. It is necessary to control the laying every three rows. This is done with a plumb and level.

  6. Through 3 rows the masonry is reinforced with reinforced mesh.This makes the construction of barbecue more durable.

  7. Where there will be a fire chamber and a brazier, in a laying the corners from metal are mounted. They can later be laid barbecue.

  8. After the foundation is created, a brazier and a firebox are laid out, while gaps must be left between the bricks. This will improve the penetration of air into the structure and, accordingly, combustion.

  9. Brick barbecues and barbecue should be equipped with pipes and smoke collectors.

  10. Ready grill should be plastered or trimmed with other material.

Brick barbecues and barbecue.

How to cook pilaf on the grill

For lovers of pilaf and other dishes prepared in a large capacity, suitable brick grill with a cauldron. The process of its construction is similar to the one above. The only difference is that on top of the hearth it is necessary to mount a cast-iron plate with a hole for the installation of the cauldron (the choice of the diameter always remains for the owner).


Brick grills of smokehouse are built on the same principle as simple braziers. The main thing - do not violate all the above recommendations. Experts advise: when performing construction work, you should not be guided only by fantasies that come to your mind. Take care of them before finishing work.

Barbecue finish

How to make a brick grill more attractive? Of course, you need to make finishing work. When you build a brazier yourself, this is a big plus. After all, you have a great opportunity to show imagination and realize the most courageous ideas.

Finishing is the final stage of the construction of the mangal. It is almost as important as the construction of the brazier itself. High-quality finish will give the design a final look. What it will be, is entirely dependent on you.

For the external decoration of the grill fit many options. You can use natural stone and pebbles. In specialized stores in a wide range of different materials are presented.

The platform around the barbecue can be laid out with paving slabs of different colors. This will give the place an attractive and elegant look.

For the construction of countertops manufacturers offer a variety of different materials. It will look great ceramic granite, characterized by its durability, which is very important for giving.

The scheme of brick barbecue.

If your project planned various niches for storing kitchen utensils and equipment, they can be equipped with cast iron or wrought iron doors. It looks very beautiful.If the family budget is limited, you can make simple wooden doors decorated with various patterns.


Today, stationary brick braziers to give are not very popular among ordinary Russians. It is believed that their construction is accompanied by impressive spending. But if you are engaged in building yourself, you will see that this is not at all the case. Having added a gazebo with a barbecue in the garden, you will receive a place where your whole family will gather on quiet summer evenings, enjoying meat delicacies cooked in a brick barbecue created by your hands.

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