How to make a boy fall in love?

Just yesterday, you lived your normal life, walked with your girlfriends, went to school and did not worry about anything, but today you suddenly realized that you desperately fell in love. In a classmate or neighbor boy - does not matter. But the trouble is, he does not pay attention to you at all. How to make a boy fall in love with you, think hard and irrevocably together.

What to do so that the boy fell in love

  1. Pay attention to your appearance. Whatever one may say, but first of all, all the boys look at the appearance of the girl. Try to look stylish and neat, make sure that the clothes are clean. It is unlikely that the boy will like a slut. Do not try to attract the attention of the guy you like with challenging outfits. In girls who go dress, boys do not fall in love. In addition to clothing, pay attention to hair and makeup. Numerous polls prove that boys like natural light makeup more.
  2. Be unapproachable. Men are hunters by nature and they like to get girls.Therefore, the best tactic in communication will be friendliness, but inaccessibility.
  3. Become mysterious. Boys like girls in which there is a certain "highlight". To become a mystery to a guy, do not say too much, do not tell everything about yourself at the first opportunity. Let the chosen one gradually reveal something new and interesting in you.
  4. Try to become different. Exceptional girls always attract guys. If you have a hobby, tell a guy about him. Boys are easily struck by what they do not know how to do.
  5. Find common interests with a guy. To some extent you will have to play a detective story. Learn from mutual friends that your chosen one likes and you will surely find something that unites your interests. It is much easier to find a common language and love a person who shares your hobbies.
  6. Love yourself! No boy will pay attention to a girl who does not love and value herself. Therefore, learn to admire yourself and present your virtues in communication with a guy. And do not pay attention to the shortcomings. Remember, there are no perfect people!
  7. Be feminine. Boys fall in love with girls, and not with male women.Your femininity should be manifested not only in appearance, but also in behavior. Feel free to ask the guy for help. Boys like to feel like real men, able to help a defenseless cute girl.

If you want to know more about what to do so that a boy falls in love, read our article What to do to make a boy fall in love.

How to communicate with your favorite boy

Of course, communication is of particular benefit in establishing close relationships. To make it productive, follow a few rules.

  • Give him compliments. The guys are very narcissistic and they are pleased to hear the praise in his address no less than us.
  • Never tell him about your ex-boyfriend or ask him about girls. It is better to discuss it with girlfriends, so as not to frighten a guy or cause other negative emotions in him.
  • Actively participate in conversations about his hobbies. Better yet, start talking about the last match of your favorite football team or other hobbies of your chosen one. Just nodding is not enough. It is important to live two-way communication. Express your opinion. show that you understand what is at stake.

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