How to make a bow in Minecraft?

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How to make a bow in Minecraft?

In the game Minecraft a variety of various weapons from the sword to the nuclear bomb. You can play as a swordsman and an archer, as well as build various traps and tricks. However, not every player knows how to craft this or that weapon. Especially at first the question arises how to make a primitive bow in Minecraft and what are its characteristics.

Consider these issues in more detail.

How to make a bow in the game Minecraft

The bow in Minecraft is made from two simple ingredients.

  • Stick, which is made of two boards;
  • And the thread that can be obtained from dead spiders. Perhaps it is better to use a sword to kill spiders.

In the crafting window, these ingredients must be placed in a certain order: three threads are arranged vertically in the right or leftmost row of the window, and three sticks in the remaining cells are in the form of a triangle. Visually, it resembles an onion.

A bow is also used by skeletons, but skeletal bow arrows cannot be gathered if they hit you, but arrows can often fall out after killing a skeleton. Very rarely a bow falls out of the skeleton. This is another way to get it.

Characteristics and features of onions in Minecraft

To shoot a bow, you need arrows that can be crafted or assembled from dead skeletons. Holding the right mouse button, you pull the string and you can shoot. It depends on the tension range and boom damage. Here are a few features and characteristics of onions:

  • The maximum tension of the bowstring gives damage to 4.5 hearts, half the tension - 3 hearts;
  • The bow has a certain strength and breaks with time;
  • Onions are useless against Fringe Wanderers;
  • Gravity acts on the arrows, so for firing into the distance it is better to mark higher than the target;
  • Bow can be enchanted for fire, strength, and other enchantments. Moreover, up to the 9th level of the player’s character, the bow is cast only on “Force I”;
  • The maximum distance of the flight of an arrow on a plane is 50 blocks;
  • Very, very rarely, bows with spells fall from skeletons;
  • If you shoot an arrow through the blocks of lava, then it will catch fire and set fire to any mob. However, over time, it will go out, in contrast to the arrows charmed to fire, which burn forever until they disappear.

Using these interesting features, you can play more effectively with the bow.

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