How to make a bed in Minecraft?

A bed is a game block in the computer world of Minecraft. You have the opportunity to miss the night and wait for the morning. That is to sleep. Crafting a bed is the process of creating the bed itself. For crafting beds, you can use the boards of any color, as well as wool. But the bed still turns red. If you try to take someone else's place on the bed, you will receive a message: "This bed is occupied". That is, the bed is occupied.

If the bed is damaged by mobs, then it will be brighter. It is necessary that the room had high ceilings. Since the player can wake up and get stuck his head in the ceiling. When you wake up the player you will hear the sound of a step on the stone. If you try to use the bed while standing, you will receive a message stating that it is prohibited to use the bed during the day.

Bed arrangement

In the game block the bed takes a certain place. To place a bed you need 2 free blocks. The bed can not be placed on the front side of the piston, on snow or glass. In the game Minecraft there is an opportunity to create the so-called "flying bed".To do this, simply remove the blocks from under the bed, and it will hang in the air. And then you can sleep on it. The player has the opportunity to put the beds one above the other. That is, you get a kind of fence. The bed should not be placed under water. But it can be flooded. On a flooded bed, the player can sleep. The bed should be lightened. This will ensure the safety of the player.

How to secure a bed in Minecraft

To ensure the safety of the player and the bed, you need to place several sources of light near the bed. This will avoid hostile mobs. The bed itself must be placed in a protected and enclosed area. If a mob penetrates into the room where the player is sleeping, the player will wake up before the mob attacks.

Use of bed

You must press RMB in order to lie on the bed. It is not allowed to place a bed in a space that is surrounded by walls. So how can hostile mobs. In the house where the bed is located, there must be light.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

Bed - a place where the player sleeps until the morning. It perfectly complements the look of the room. To go to bed, you need to right-click on the bed.But how to make a bed in Minecraft? So, you will need:

  • 3 blocks of wool;
  • 3 blocks of boards.

First you need to get the board. To do this, you can go to the jungle or the forest, chop up the tree and recycle it into boards in the crafting window. Then you need wool. It can be obtained in two ways:

  • Independently search for sheep. That is, find them and mow.
  • Grow wheat and lure 2 sheep. Then you need to make a corral with sheep, multiply them, make scissors and periodically shear sheep. You should get 3 types of wool. And it remains only to create a bed. It should be done according to the following scheme:
    • leave the first row empty;
    • second row - wool, wool, wool.
    • the third row - board, board, board.

Now you know how to make a bed in Minecraft. Have a good time.

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