How to make a bear?

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How to make a bear?

The teddy bear is probably the most popular toy on the planet. Is there one among us who has never been given a teddy bear as a child? And now, when we have already become quite adults, it is not a shame to give such a gift to your beloved girl on a date or to present her as a birthday gift or Valentine's Day.

Shops of toys and souvenirs are crammed with a variety of plush clumsy friends for every taste, color and wallet. But, as you know, the best gift is a gift made with your own hands. In this article we will explain how to make a teddy bear and what is required for this.

Materials for toys

So, before you make a bear, we will need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools for work. The first thing to choose is the material. Accordingly, in order to make a teddy bear, we need only one fabric - plush. This cotton cloth, which has a long pile on the front surface.

In addition to the fabric we need:

  • Stuffing material (it can be sintefukh, sintepon, finelybearchopped foam rubber, holofiber, cotton wool or wool);
  • Chalk or piece of soap to transfer the pattern to the fabric;
  • Scissors;
  • Pins;
  • Threads (they must be strong enough);
  • Material for nose and eyes;
  • Pattern paper;
  • Printer (optional but not required);
  • Sewing machine (also optional, but not required).

Tailoring a teddy bear

  1. Download your favorite bear pattern from the Internet. Print it out or draw it by hand. Check in advance whether the pattern is given with or without seam allowances.
  2. Fold the fabric in half, facing the inside, and spread out gently.bearon the work surface.
  3. On top of the fabric, distribute the details of the pattern as close as possible to each other, but so that, if necessary, you have the opportunity to add allowances.
  4. Pin the details of the pattern on the fabric with pins. This is necessary so that they do not move anywhere when cutting.
  5. Find out the details of the bear. If you have some initial sewing skills, this can be done without taking out the pins. If not, it is better to circle the paper pattern on the office on the fabric, pull out the pins and remove the paper, and then cut it. Be sure to add seam allowances if necessary.
  6. Remove the pins and lay out the parts as they are sewn. Please note that there may be two parts (paws,beartorso, ears, head), and some - one by one (muzzle, tail). Once again, carefully check with the sketch.
  7. Sew all paired parts together with a typewriter or hand seam. In each element of the future toys you need to leave a small gap through which you will then fill it. Sew parts must also face inward. If it is difficult for you to do it right away, first sew stitches, and then sew the parts together.
  8. If tufts are provided on any parts, carefully sew them.
  9. Turn the parts inside out through the holes left.
  10. Tamper every detail with your chosen stuffing material. Choose the optimum packing density so that the toy does not part when you press it at the seams, but at the same time it is quite dense and pleasant to the touch. Sew gaps with a hidden seam (see below for a seam technique).bear
  11. Sew together all the details. We must try to make the seams not visible. It is better to use for this also a secret seam.
  12. Sew the remaining small parts and sew the bear and fingers on the paws by hand.

Technique perform a secret seam

  1. At the beginning of the hole to be stitched, insert the needle from the inside in the allowance line, then pull it out.
  2. Insert the needle into the opposite seam allowance, making a small stitch (2-3 mm). At the same time, the thread should pass exactly opposite the line made in the first stock.
  3. Repeat this action, sequentially sewing one part to another. Remember that the smaller, more evenly and more precisely you will sew, the stronger you will be to keep the seam and look more aesthetically pleasing.

This is one of the ways to make a teddy bear with your own hands.

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