How to lubricate the loop?

April 14, 2015
How to lubricate the loop?

The creaking of poorly oiled doors, wickets, windows annoys many people. And this is not surprising: there is so much in this sound that sometimes no nerves can withstand. What is to lubricate the loop, and how is it best to do so that the nasty creaking does not happen again after a while? Here are some practical tips on this topic.

Machine oil

If there is a bicycle, a sewing machine or a car in the farm, then you probably know where at least you have residues, droplets of engine oil. In the garage, in the closet, in the oilcan, long forgotten in the corridor on the shelf near the tools. Just a few drops of this magic product will be enough, and your loops will stop “singing” for a long time. This lubrication procedure can be performed using a special oiler dispenser. But if it is not at hand, an ordinary medical syringe is also suitable. We collect, direct in the joint, we press. Is done. The door no longer creaks. Of course, the best effect can be achieved by raising the door so that the connectors are exposed.This will contribute to a deeper and more thorough lubrication of the loop.

Graphite grease

If it is not at hand, you can make most of the pencil slate simple and any oil, for example, sunflower.

Litol or grease

Good, but rather specific thick lubricants for all types of loops. Moreover, some hostesses do not know what they look like. In addition, they are mainly used to lubricate removable hinges.

VD - 40

Universal aerosol grease. It is intended for hard-to-reach, hidden surfaces and is ideal if your loops are stuck and not removed. The aerosol will penetrate everywhere, it will only be necessary to wait about ten minutes, and the creaking will disappear.

Improvised means

If the above lubricants are not available at hand (and this happens quite often), in order to eliminate the creaking, at least temporarily, it is necessary to lubricate the hinges with any kind of available oil: lean, melted, creamy. You can even pour loops with liquid. The creaking will immediately disappear, though not for long, before the surfaces dry.

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