How to learn to sing beautifully?

Singing is perhaps one of the best meansself-expression of the person, however many can afford such way of self-expression only in the soul. Most people are sure, singing beautifully is a talent. Of course, if we are talking, say, about great performers, such as Chaliapin or Montserrat Caballe, this is undeniable. However, if you just want to perform songs worthy of karaoke, you will not need a special talent. In this article I will tell you how to learn how to sing beautifully.


Oddly enough, but hearing is the first thing you needdense to do, if there is a desire to learn how to sing beautifully. The voice will gradually form in the process of training, and sooner or later you will find that tonality in which it sounds great, but with hearing it is more complicated. The development of hearing is a whole discipline called solfeggio. For the development of hearing at the beginning it is recommended to perform only three exercises, however it should be done regularly:

  1. "Unison". This is the simplest exercise. You need to include the song and sing with the performer in unison, ie. in one voice. Even if initially you do not understand how to sing to get into notes, you will in time "jag" the correct hits.
  2. "Repeat". For this exercise, you will need a set of simple sounds. First they need to be auditioned, and then try to repeat. You can record your repetition on the recorder and listen how it looks like.
  3. "Mix". This exercise not only develops the hearing, but also allows you to assess the possibilities of the voice. Turn on the melody and start in the beat of the melody, hum, buzz, growl, etc. Try not to stray and always get to the beat, whatever the sound is reproduced.


Sometimes during the performance of a song we hearthe breath of the performer. It is not right! The sound will never be clear unless you learn how to breathe properly. It is recommended to take a sharp breath, and exhale - a slow and smooth. You need to breathe with your nose! Here are exercises that will help develop your breathing:

  1. "Candle". At a distance of 20 cm, put a candle in front of you and begin to practice breathing. The task is simple - the fire should not go out.
  2. "On the floor!". A strong diaphragm will help you to breathe properly. This exercise will help you develop the muscles of the diaphragm. Lie down on the floor on your back, put some weight on your chest (do not overdo it) and breathe deeply and evenly.


Pure singing is impossible without a good diction, and therefore it must also be trained. Here are some exercises:

  1. "A". Open your mouth wide, pronounce the letter "A" and hold the sound for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times.
  2. "Cheeks." A very simple exercise - just blow your cheeks alternately.
  3. Of course, the diction of the tongue twisters is best developed, so do not neglect them. With time, increase the pace.

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