How to learn to juggle 2,3,4 or 5 balls

How fascinated everyone is watching the clowns, mimes, or just those who can juggle! It seems that everything is simple. Toss balls and catch them. However, in reality, everything is much more complicated. Let's see if this is a feasible task for the average person.

Who was first

This art originated a long time ago. Even in ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, which is more than four thousand years ago, it was widespread.
Here is an image on the wall of the tomb of one of the princesses of that era.
how to learn to juggle

In ancient China, warriors often juggled with swords before a fight. There was one soldier who could do it with seven blades at the same time. Such battles often ended without starting. Opponents simply did not want to be chopped into cabbage for a couple of minutes.

At the end of the 18th century, the first circus was opened in France, and the actors got a job. Before that, in the Middle Ages, such art was considered sorcery, therefore it fell into decay.

In the 19th - early 20th century, it was already easier to learn how to juggle. Many theaters and tents offered this fun, and the artists had overlays with money.Therefore, for a small fee you could hire a tutor.

In 1940, the first computers learned to calculate the trajectory of movement of the flipped objects. Since that time, they began to consider this phenomenon from the point of view of science. The International Juggling Association was founded.

In the 1970s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began to study this phenomenon in depth. Claude Shannon formulated his theorem (which we will talk about later), and Seymour Papert and his friends founded a juggling club. This is today the oldest of the institutions of this kind.

Nowadays, this art is widely spread and is becoming increasingly popular. They usually begin with the question of how to learn to juggle with three balls. This trick can be seen at fairs and circuses, just in the office or on the market. That is, everywhere.

how to learn to juggle 3 ballsSuch a manipulation is the simplest. She is trained in a couple of hours. Believe it is very easy. Further we will tell about it in detail.


It was developed by one scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is a schematic calculation of a cascade with three objects. That is, it is mathematically explained how to learn how to juggle 3 balls.

So, the formula is as follows: (F + D) x H = (V + D) x N, where F is the time the ball spends in the air, D is the time of the ball in hand, H is the number of hands involved in the trick , V is the time during which the hand is free, N is the number of balls.

The theorem is proved due to one complete juggling cycle. There was a calculation from the point of view of the hand and the ball; both results are compared.

In other words, the conclusion is - the more balls, the more the trick depends on the speed of throwing. Even the slightest deviation from standard movements can destroy the whole picture.

Types of juggling


The inventory here are balls, pins, clubs, rings, rackets and more. Work occurs mainly with the number of items. The basic tricks are cascade and circle.
how to learn to juggle 4 ballsCross over

Teamwork, when several artists throw objects at each other.

Out of place

It looks like a classic, but the balls at the same time also hit the floor surface, which makes the room more spectacular. A subsection can be called elements of warm-up athletes. Visit any training, and you will understand how to learn to juggle a soccer ball.
how to learn to juggle 5 ballsContact

More static. It is divided into several subspecies.

  • Beaudiroll, when the balls roll over the body. The shoulders, forearms, back, and neck are particularly involved.
  • Multiball - the actor is controlled with balls in the palm of one hand. Something similar to the way the Chinese ringing spheres are being picked up for meditation.

Basic principles

When you learn the base and understand how to learn how to juggle with 3 balls, there may be training for various tricks, and there are a lot of them.

Here are a few names for only three balls: columns, tennis, helmet, crown, spiral, snake, well, pendulum, Burke's car and many more.
But it will be later. Now let's go back to the basics.

It is important to learn to follow the ball and turn off the awareness of action. They should occur on the machine. If the racer thought about when to include the transmission, on which pedal to push, he would have crashed into the first curb.

Therefore, we simply teach our hands to the trajectory of the balls. Soon you will realize that when the rhythm of the throw has been gained, the ball flies out from the same point and lands in the hand after an exact time interval in a particular place. And so constantly, while you are "on autopilot".

how to learn to juggle a soccer ball

First lesson

The theory is over. Ready for the practical part of the article on how to learn to juggle?

First, you need to find three approximately the same size, preferably round objects.It can be vegetables or fruits, balls for tennis or baseball. In the end, just folded socks. We include fantasy, develop creative!

Stand relaxed and level. Forearm parallel to the floor, elbows near the sides, but not pressed against them.

Let's start with one thing. The throw is made near the center of the body, we catch - from the outside of the body. Height - just above eye level. Go! From the right hand to the left and back. We do this exercise until it is obtained on the machine at about the same points for both hands.

Let's complicate a little. Take two balls, one in each hand. We throw the first leading hand (right, if you are right handed). When he takes off to the maximum height, we throw left. Now the balls are in the opposite position to the original.

Stop, check if your elbows or forearms have not moved. We continue without pauses. And you thought it would be easy to understand how to learn to juggle? The result must be achieved the same as in the exercise with one object.

Three balls. Here it is, the immediate goal. This trick is simple. Here, it is as if by turns the hands become leading. Now we explain. The bottom line is a double exchange.

We begin, in the right two balls, in the left - one. We throw the lead brush when it reaches eye level, recall the previous exercise and use the ball with the other hand. When the second one takes off to the maximum height, and the first one is on the approach to the left, it's time to send the third object. As a result, we should have such a situation that in the leading palm one, and in the opposite - two balls.

This is called a double exchange. The purpose of this exercise is to do ten such cycles without stopping. Look carefully at the drawing.

how to learn to juggle three balls


When the base is, and the answer to the question how to learn to juggle is received, it's time to improve skills.

Now we will learn one of the more difficult tricks with three balls. The name comes from the English word "shuffle," because the movement of the hands is like shuffling a deck of cards.

The basis of this trick is the basic manipulation of slam, "hit." In fact, a shuffle is just a lot of such movements in a row.

First we train slam, and then we turn it on in a cascade with three balls and get a shuffle.

So, let's begin. Take one ball in each hand. It is easier to perform a trick with the lead.The initial position is auxiliary as in a cascade, and the slammer is a little different. The elbow is set aside, the forearm pointing upwards. The ball is held thumb, index and middle fingers.

There will be no time between the throw and the capture. With the left hand we send the ball as in a cascade. When he takes off at shoulder level, we sharply throw the second above him, and at the same second we catch the first ball. It must be one movement.

Next, the forearm goes down, like a car wiper brush, and returns up to its original position.

Coordination is very important here. Learn to do with one hand, then turn on the trick in the usual cascade. Over time, you can do two.

How to learn to juggle 4 balls

Here the scheme will be different from the previous ones. The simplest thing is to control each ball separately with each hand. Together it will look spectacular.

So, let's begin. Take one object in any palm and throw it along a circular trajectory up from inside to outside. In fact, the movement of the hand will be like a cascade. That is, we throw closer to the center of the body, we catch it from the outside. But the path resembles an oval, stretched vertically.

Next, add the second ball in the same hand.The second is not involved at all. We learn to handle each ball separately with each hand.

Now we work asynchronously with four items. With the right brush, we constantly operate with only the first and second balls, and with the left one - exclusively with the third and fourth. It is more difficult to train actions synchronously, and this is not necessary.

How to learn to juggle 5 balls

If you decide to master this exercise, get ready for at least six to twelve months of training. Such a trick is the first achievement that distinguishes a professional from a beginner.

The height of the throws here is about a meter above the head. The greatest difficulty is the constant accuracy of the speed and deviation of the ball from the trajectory. Any slowdown or degree offset is a failure. The second thing to remember is that only forearms move. From the elbow to the shoulder joint, the arm is stationary and vertical.

Start with a cascade of three balls, but throw them a meter above your head. You will have a few seconds when your hands are free, at this time do clap them. Next - we make a fountain with four balls, as described earlier, but to a greater height. This will train the throwing force and speed.

The next exercise is a cascade of 4 balls with a hole, also called 55550. It is difficult to describe such a trick, it is easier to look at it with your own eyes or at a video.

Finally, go to the total. After previous lessons you should have an idea of ​​how to learn to juggle with five balls. In fact, you have already done this. It just remains to fill the gap in the last trick.
learn to juggle


But this is not the limit. Want to learn records?

Albert Lucas simultaneously used 13 rings, Alex Barron used 13 balls, three athletes were able to lift into the air three athletes - Bruce Tiemann, Scott Sorensen and Chris Fowler.

Want world fame? Learn how to handle a large amount of the subject, record a video and submit it to the jury panel at the International Association.

Successes to you, dear readers!

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