How to learn telekinesis

How to learn telekinesis

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Answered on March 28, 2015 15:19
We draw a black dot on a glass or a mirror. We catch the eye on this point and imagine that the rays are drawn from the eyes and from the area of ​​the nose bridge to the point. The body should be in a comfortable and relaxed position. You need to start with 5 minutes of concentration on the object and increase the time to 15 minutes. We do the following exercise: while concentrating the gaze, we slowly rotate our head in a circle, while the gaze must remain concentrated on the point. Exercise should be done within 15 minutes. Draw 2 points at the top and bottom at a short distance from each other. Fix a look at the top point. After that, very slowly and without losing concentration, turn your gaze to the bottom. Then from the bottom to the top, etc. In doing so, you should feel an effort, as if by force of thought you are pushing the top point down and vice versa. You may feel that your look as if "falls" in the subject in question. Exercise with a glass. Buy a plastic cup.Sit on the floor, lay the cup on its side on a chair with a flat surface. Create a flow of energy in your palms. Make a glass of motion, as if rolling it. You move a glass by force of will. You can imagine how the wind blows from under your palms, which moves the glass. perform 10 minutes. The first results may appear in 5-7 days. You can then move heavier items. Hang a match on a silk ribbon. Do everything as in the previous exercise. Now your task is to turn the match around your axis with the energy of your thoughts. Perform the exercise for 10 minutes. Technique of telekinesis on water. Take a deep dish, fill it with water. Throw a match into the water. Focus your energy on the match. It needs to be moved with the help of various mental images (choose which one you like best). For example, you can imagine that the invisible hand (in fact it is the hand of your etheric body) moves the match. Now you know a few techniques how to learn telekinesis at home.

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