How to find out the loan debt? Is there a loan debt - how to check?

Closing a loan agreement and fully repaying a bank loan borrowed from a credit institution is not at all a 100% guarantee that you do not have any debts. Often, when applying for another loan to a bank, many people face a categorical refusal. And if your request is rejected by the second, third and fifth financial institution, then one of the possible reasons for such a decision is a damaged credit history and debts. But how to find out the loan debt? And what needs to be done to avoid such misunderstandings? That is what we tell you more.

how to find out loan debt

When a loan arises: option one

Debt to the bank loan can be an unpleasant surprise for you. However, in order to insure against this negative point, you need to know when the borrower may have a debt to the lender.For example, consider the following situation: you regularly repaid the loan and paid it in full, but the inattentive bank manager forgot to transfer your personal business from the Borrowers folder to the Credit Loan folder. Later, he remembered and, in order to hedge himself - you never know - decided to shift him to the “Debtors” section. In this case, the human factor and the carelessness of the employee of a credit institution played not in favor of the borrower.

loan arrears check

Option Two: paid less than the required amount

Another example from the life: the borrower paid the loan regularly and did not allow delinquency. However, paying the last payment, did not take into account the commission, as a result of which he paid a smaller amount. For example, he had to pay 2100 rubles, the size of the commission was 10 rubles. A bank customer placed the amount in the terminal without commission. Consequently, he succeeded - 2100 - 10 = 2090 rubles - and he paid the bank 10 rubles less than what was required. Further, the borrower did not pay attention to his own shortcoming and, with a clear conscience, went home. As a result, he had a debt to the bank on the loan, which he did not even suspect.

overdue loan

Option Three: when the attackers took possession of the documents

Misconduct of intruders can also lead to debt.For example, you were once married and decided to change your last name, changed your passport, your documents were lost, or you suddenly wanted to get a foreign passport. At a certain point, the attackers took possession of the photocopies of your passport or the documents themselves and issued a loan for you. Then you turned to the bank for a loan for personal needs and were surprised to learn that you already have a loan with arrears.

Option four: incorrectly paid overdue loans

Incorrectly paid overdue loans also lead to debt. So, due to his own negligence, the borrower forgot to make a monthly payment and delayed it for a week. As a result, for each overdue day (usually the bank takes up to 2-3 days for force majeure), the interest for non-payment increased, and then a fixed amount of the fine was added to them after the second delay occurred. Not knowing about the availability of the latter, the borrower continued to repay the loan in the standard mode. As a result, his debt has grown to colossal proportions.

Attention! When a debt arises, the amount of money contributed by the client will first of all go towards repayment of interest and penalties.In this case, the body of the loan will remain unpaid, therefore, the debt will increase.

loan from alpha bank

Option Five: a large number of credits and cards

A loan with arrears may also arise due to confusion with loans. For example, a borrower has two consumer loans and four credit cards. As a result, it is difficult for him to control the timing and amount of payment, he forgets to deposit money on time, and as a result, arrears arise.

How to avoid credit debts to the bank?

In order for all the above options to have no effect, it is necessary, so to speak, to comply with the safety precautions of communication with creditors. This means that when repaying a loan debt, you need to make sure that you no longer have obligations. Typically, in such cases, representatives of the bank issue a filled out paper, which refers to the complete liquidation of the debt and the absence of claims by the credit institution.

When repaying the loan, it is also necessary to strictly observe the terms of payment, not to allow the formation of delinquencies, and also to pay the last amount up to a penny, taking into account the amount of commission at maturity and other points.And, of course, you can not send your documents to suspicious individuals. It is also recommended to track the presence of debts to the bank in a timely manner. How to find out the loan debt, we describe below.

find out loan debt Sberbank

How to check credit debt through a bank?

One of the easiest ways to check your own debt is to contact those banks where you previously took out loans (or made out credit cards). To this end, it makes sense to call the hotline. Also, the loan debt can be checked by sending an SMS to the specified number with the numbers of the credit agreement or card (if this service is provided by the bank). You can contact the representative of the financial institution online (via chat) or come to the branch of the organization in person.

For example, you have previously issued a loan in a certain financial institution, in this case, the loan debt (Alfa Bank, this or any other bank providing such a service) can be checked by sending a short SMS message to the number “3344”. At the same time in the text of the message you need to specify the nine-digit number of your loan agreement.In addition, you can contact the Alfa-Consultant Call Center for information about your own debts. Make it easy, call the hotline: +7 (495) 78-888-78 and 8 800 2000-000.

How to find out the loan debt in Sberbank?

If you previously applied for a loan in Sberbank, then you can get information about the presence or absence of your debt either directly in the branch of the financial institution, or through online services. So, there is a chance to use the Sberbank-Online Internet service (it works without interruption, weekends and around the clock). A great alternative is the Mobile Bank service with sending of clarifying requests via USSD commands and SMS messages.

For example, using the Mobile Bank (subject to the connection of this service), you can find out the loan debt (Sberbank performs such operations via SMS notifications and in accordance with the tariffs of your mobile operators). In this case, you will be available to the service notification of the enrollment of credit payments and payment history, indicating the amounts and the remainder of the loan.

bank debt

How to get information about the loan debt in the bank "Tinkoff"?

If you are interested in information on how to find out debt on a loan in Tinkoff, you should contact the consumer support group by calling: 8 800 555-10-10. Also, each client of this bank has the opportunity to receive information about the existing debt through e-mail. Recall that with the help of e-mailing representatives of the credit company deliver monthly billing statements. They, as a rule, indicate the dates of payments and the amount of the balance.

How else can you get information about debt?

If you want to find out how to find out a loan debt, then in addition to visiting the bank personally and dialing to the Customer Support Center, you can use another official source of information. For example, social networks are very popular today. Taking this opportunity, anyone can register on the Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki networks, simultaneously checking their debts with the help of a convenient form from the Federal Bailiffs Service.

In order to check the debt on loans, here it is necessary to add brief information about yourself to the plate already prepared. In the appropriate form, enter data such as:

  • Date of Birth;
  • the name of the region (for example, the Altai Territory).

Then you just need to send the relevant information by clicking the "Send" button. You can also install this application on your mobile phone.

bailiffs find out debt

Federal bailiff service as a debt notification option

If you have tried all the methods and still do not know how to find out the loan debt, you should contact the official website of the Federal Bailiff Service directly. Here you can not only get information about the presence or absence of debt, but also find out whether enforcement proceedings have been instituted against you (for example, this is real if you have a large debt). Here you can:

  • get a certificate of absence of loan debt;
  • find out whether your property is arrested or not;
  • whether you are wanted as a "malicious defaulter";
  • print forms and application forms.

The main advantage of such an appeal is that the bailiffs find out the debt allows up to the day of the meeting on confiscation and other legal proceedings. For example, on a similar resource there is a chance to find out information not only about current debts, on the basis of which the trial began, but also about those debts for which enforcement proceedings have already ended.

How to check credit history?

Do not have information on how to find out the loan debt? Your credit history will help you. How to get it and find out? Recall that it indicates the full information about all your loans, about the presence of debts, non-payment and arrears. Get information about the status of debt (or its absence) is completely free (no more than once a year). To do this, you must send a written request to the Central Bureau of Credit Histories.

And, of course, if you have a debt, then you probably will know about it. First, the representatives of the bank will inform about it. Then the collectors, and after that the bailiffs.

What to do if you apply for a loan without your knowledge?

If, as a result of the audit, you have established the fact of fraud, for example, a loan was opened without your knowledge and direct participation, then the first thing to do is to challenge this moment. To this end, it makes sense to contact the law enforcement agencies (for example, the prosecutor's office). Do not forget about the evidence. Remember that even if your documents (as a result of fraud or fraud) were taken over by intruders, the fact of a crime must also be proved. Therefore, get ready for the trial and the proceedings.

Attention! You should not blindly trust companies offering money to get access to your credit history online. To make this action safe, you should check their license and other permits. And best of all to contact the official trusted sources.

In conclusion, I would like to note: every client of the bank has the full right to receive information about his current or repaid debt. You need to take the initiative and learn everything that interests you.

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