How to kill mosquitoes at home correctly?

There are warm summer days, and together withThe gentle breeze to our house penetrate bloodsucking insects. In the afternoon they will hide in the corners, but as soon as night falls, they will immediately leave their shelters. In the darkness a disgusting squeak is heard, the mosquito flew out to hunt. Of course, today there are many drugs that help get rid of these creatures. But if a child or an allergic is at home, some of them may be banned. How to kill mosquitoes in this case? Let's try to consider different ways, among which you can find your to kill mosquitoes

The reason for the invasion

You need to think about this first of all. Few people think how to kill mosquitoes, if they are single visitors. But if the fallen hordes are replaced by new hordes, then this is a serious problem. If they divorced in the street and penetrate through the window, it is recommended to tighten them with a mosquito net. Not hot and without insects. There is another option, if the basement is stagnant water, and mosquitoes are bred right at the entrance. In this case, you need to report to a special service, let her employees think how to kill mosquitoes.

Desperate struggle

At the height of the seasons, hungry insects managepenetrate into the house even in the presence of mosquito nets, especially if the latter are not performed very well. In this case it is necessary to return to the question of how to kill mosquitoes. The first way is a fly swatter. Of course, you will have to show the real wonders of ingenuity to get to the nooks on the ceiling. Someone comes out of the situation, attaching a long handle to the murder weapon. But there is another trouble. Calculate the impact force in this case is very difficult. If your guest had time to get drunk blood, then a stain appeared on the to kill a mosquito on the ceiling

Hunting with a vacuum cleaner

So the question is not just how to kill a mosquitoon the ceiling, and how to do it without harm to cover it. This is especially important if you have fabric stretch ceilings, which for a long time will keep an ugly stain. It is easy to collect mosquitoes with a vacuum cleaner. If they sit at a respectful distance from each other, there will be no problems. Take off the bottom nozzle and go "on business". Having noticed an insect, with a quick movement, bring the tube as fast as possible to it. Even if he feels danger, the flow of air will not give a chance to slip away. It is more difficult when several mosquitoes are sitting nearby. Then you will catch one and frighten the others. But do not worry, follow them, and as soon as they sit, continue the hunt.

Duct tape

It works equally well against everyoneflying insects. In this case, each of them is impregnated with special substances that attract flies or mosquitoes. Very convenient - just open the box and attach it to the ceiling. Since killing mosquitoes in an apartment is often not easy because of the height of the latter, this method is a real salvation. Floating, uninvited guests stick to the surface of the tape and remain on it. There is one minus here, the high family members are in the habit of grazing the tape and leaving strands of hair on to kill a malarial mosquito

Night ambush

There is a proven way to properly killmosquito. If you walked around the room and did not see any insects, this does not mean that they are not. Turn off the light and go to bed. In a few minutes you will hear a low squeak. Now a minute readiness. Take cover so that only your head remains accessible. And lie better on your side, so the object of attack will be only one cheek. The hand is ready, but hidden under the blanket. Here an extract is needed, since the mosquito will firstly squeak long over the ear, then walk around you, choosing a place. bite And only when he sticks the proboscis, you can cover it with a palm with a quick movement. Try not to hit yourself too hard.


The previous method is good if you have time, andat home only one bloodsucker was wound up. And what about if a stagnant puddle formed under the window, where do countless hordes come from? How to kill mosquitoes at home without resorting to the use of chemistry? Try using essential oils. This eucalyptus and cedar, anise and tea tree, basil, as well as cloves. The easiest way to drip into the aroma lamp, but can be applied to the to kill a mosquito

Plants against bloodsuckers

Some of our pottery experiments are verynot to the liking of mosquitoes, so room decoration can also serve as a protection. I do not like the smell of geraniums, so boldly grow it on your windowsills. At least only the most hungry will fly into the window. Lemon grass, basil and mint are also your saviors.

If you yourself do not like geraniums, then chooselilac or bird-cherry, elderberry or marigold. These plants are able to give a wonderful fragrance for you and survive the flying bloodsuckers. Fine folk remedies, than to kill a mosquito will not work, but you can keep it at a distance.

Environmentally friendly trap

All insects love hops. Remember how at the dacha it was necessary to build a multi-level protection of flasks with future wine, since all insects from the district tried to penetrate them. This passion can be used at home. To do this, take an ordinary plastic bottle, cut the neck, turn the top and close the hole with it.

Inside you need to fill the syrup. On a glass of warm water a spoonful of sugar and as much yeast. The upper part is fixed with adhesive tape, and from the outside, wrap the structure with paper. It remains only to put it in a corner. All mosquitoes will fly there, attracted by the smell.than to kill mosquito folk remedies

If the mosquito mosquito flys under the ceiling

In fact, they are not found in Russia, fortunately. And those big insects, which are usually called malarial mosquitoes, actually feed on nectar, like butterflies. The insects carrying this terrible disease differ only in the structure of the abdomen, which they have slightly elevated. Therefore, if you are wondering how to kill a malarial mosquito, you can be sure that it is not able to harm you. Catch a large insect with a glass and let it out into the street.


Today there are a lot of them, for every taste and color. For home, it is best to use a fumigator. Just connect the box to the outlet, and insert a plate impregnated with a special compound or a bottle with a similar tool. By the way, there is one more option. Take the empty bottle from the fumigator and pour into it the infusion of eucalyptus. The effect in this case is not worse, but the damage will not be exact. But the spray in the walls of the house is better not to use, because you have to breathe it with mosquitoes. In most cases these are insecticides. Of course, if a mosquito attack occurs in large numbers, then this can not be done without. But if only a few individuals flew into the room, it is better to deal with them in other to kill mosquitoes in an apartment

If you are bitten

Despite all the precautions, sometimesThis can not be avoided. And the reaction of the body can be different. Someone only notes a slight itch, while others swell a huge, red lump. In order for the allergic reaction to end quickly, you can take suprastin or a similar drug. In addition, there are a number of ways that help relieve itching. This lotion with vinegar, salt and decoction of chamomile. It can not be said that this will help immediately and at 100%, but it will still get to kill mosquitoes at home

Instead of concluding

The fight against mosquitoes begins with every newsummer season. And here all means are good. Modern repellents make it possible to get rid of invaders practically in the first seconds, after using the remedy. But if you think that chemistry in your home is not the place, then you can use home methods. Plant on the windowsills plants that mosquitoes do not tolerate. Decorate your house with Ikebana from elderberry and bird cherry.

Stock up on the aroma lamp and practiceUse of cinnamon and cloves oil that will not only fill the house with the aroma of fresh muffin, but also will cleanse from insects. Any way, whatever you choose, will be right. The main thing is to get rid of insects easily and without extra time. And most importantly, most of them do not require material costs.

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