How to keep the skin?

A modern woman lives a full life, she tries to do everything and at the same time get pleasure from it. Work, husband, children, friends, loved ones, stress. Is it possible, in such a rhythm, to have time to pay attention to your beloved one? How to keep youth and beauty? Where to take time for it? Unfortunately, it is much longer and more difficult to restore lost attractiveness, so you need to know how to keep your skin in good condition. It is the face - our business card for life, especially since the modern world gives us the opportunity to look much younger than it actually is.

When is it better to start

Do not wait until you start having skin problems. Listen to scientists who believe that the body begins to age as it stops growing. Therefore, it is necessary to start caring for your skin from the age of 18-30, when it is taut and elastic. Your task is to maintain its freshness and elasticity as long as possible. And do not think that your best assistant in this business is an active anti-aging cream. While there will be enough moisturizing light cream containing a sunscreen filter. At the age of 20-25 it is better to start using night cream and eye gel.

How to keep your skin healthy

After a shower, it is necessary to moisturize the skin every day, especially hardened areas: knees, heels, elbows. Once a week, use a body scrub. It will save you from dead particles and refresh the skin. If you do not want your age to catch the eye, pay special attention to the skin of your hands and neck. Do all the housework in special gloves and use a protective cream.

The skin serves as a reflector of our entire condition, both internal and external. Therefore, in order to make it look young and healthy, one cream will not be enough. Aging is, of course, a natural, normal process, but if we know the factors that negatively affect our skin, then aging can be postponed to a later date.

Negative factors

  1. UV rays. Everyone likes a beautiful chocolate tan, and even more we love the process of relaxing under the warm sunshine. No one is no longer the news that sunbathing is harmful and unsafe, but we can not deny ourselves the pleasure. Do you want to keep your skin supple and healthy - do not sunbathe actively! When you are under the scorching sun for a long time, you dehydrate your skin.If you really can not give up tanning, then sunbathe only in the early morning and evening, using sunscreen.
  2. Vital moisture. How to keep your skin young and beautiful? Start by drinking plenty of fluids every day. Eliminate alcohol and caffeine.
  3. Cigarettes Everyone knows that smokers before wrinkles appear. Nicotine destroys the collagen and elastin fibers found in the skin. As a result, it becomes flabby and not elastic. In addition, the complexion deteriorates, as the skin becomes oxygen starved.
  4. Lack of sleep You must go to bed at the same time and not after midnight, but before it. To avoid additional wrinkles, it is better to sleep on your back, on a small pillow. Do not sleep on double pillows, think about your neck.
  5. Improperly selected cosmetics. Daily skin care should be different for different age groups. In his youth, you should not use cosmetics for mature skin, as well as superlifting. Consider not only the age when choosing cosmetics, it is important to remember about the fat content or dryness of the skin, its elasticity and susceptibility to ultraviolet.In the cold, be sure to apply fat cream before going out. Apply the cream with your fingers from the bottom upwards, which resemble tapping. Do not rub the cream into the skin, so as not to stretch it.
  6. Stress. All negative emotions lead to stress, and it practically “kills” the skin. There are cases when a protracted depression provokes an outbreak of acne. This is a chronic skin inflammation. Learn to relieve yourself of stress, so as not to wrinkle yourself prematurely.

How to maintain skin elasticity: exercise

  1. Forehead. Open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows. Put your fingers on the forehead, and pull the skin down. Relax all muscles. Repeat the movement 15 times. Raise your eyebrows again, but this time hold them with your fingers, this will create resistance (10 repetitions).
  2. Lips. Smile broadly ten times, but don't open your mouth. Then pull your lips forward, as if trying to kiss someone (10 times).

How to keep the skin around the eyes

Start small - do not forget to remove your makeup every time before going to bed. Properly chosen cleanser will be your assistant. Make sure that it does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye, quickly and thoroughly removes makeup and has a pleasant structure. Make-up remove carefully using cotton pads.Do not rub your eyes, do not rush, apply this product to the discs and put on your eyes, wiping your makeup carefully.

Use special tools for the area around the eyes. Depending on age, choose a preventive or anti-aging remedy. Make masks for this area. Young girls should do them only as needed, and women once a week to remove signs of fatigue. Take a little time for yourself, because no one will return your beauty and health, you can become a creator of your own image, because you are a woman and you are unique!

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