How to keep a man: a universal instruction. How can a man keep any sign of the zodiac

How to keep a man? How to make the faithful and forget to forget about others, and instead, fully and completely surrendered to the one who really loves him more than life? These and many other questions prevail over girls, especially those who suffer from this bright feeling. Well, the topic is serious, and you should talk about it in more detail.

how to keep a man

Understand the problem

First I would like to deal with the nature of the issue. Many girls are puzzled about how to keep a man, but few (and this, I must say, very wise and reasonable person) decide to start thinking about the situation. After all, if the pious began to drift away, there is a reason for this. Not always logical, sometimes offensive and unfounded, but it is. It is unlikely that the guy will voice it himself, although such honest sincere instances are found.But if he is silent or dodges an answer, then before keeping the man, you will need to solve this riddle.

Maybe the reason lies precisely in the girl. But her young man as a gentleman does not want to offend his chosen one. In any case, to start it is worth talking to him. Unobtrusively, gently. You can start something like this: "I began to notice that something strange was happening in our relations. Maybe it only seems to me, and I will be happy if I am wrong." And then you can express your guesses. After his answer, you will be able to think further. If the young man confirmed the fears and said that he was not satisfied with it, then it was necessary to act in a certain, specific direction. Of course, perhaps the reason will be unpleasant to hear, but what to do, very few people love the truth. But the truth will be clarified, and this is a plus. But if the guy does not say anything, keep silent or answer what you really thought, it will be more difficult. Most likely, he just does not want to talk about it. But feminine flair is difficult to deceive. So I’ll have to think about it myself, just like solving a problem. Well, how to keep a man?

Communication and psychological problems

It is not a secret for anyone that often problems in relations arise due to misunderstanding, disrespect, scandals, quarrels and abuse. And in many cases, all this, oddly enough, has no ground under it. Perhaps your young man is too jealous and he began to cool down because he “screwed up” himself. Not a single guy wants to feel deceived, much less think that they have changed him.

Well, even if this is not the case, you will have to come to terms with this trait of a loved one and do everything possible to divert suspicions from yourself: stay around more often, answer the phone with names, tell him who is calling, who writes .d Well, if there is no such possibility, then how to keep a beloved man in this case? The only way is to constantly prove your love.

how to keep a man

Of course, not for every girl he fits: the cause can be pride, self-esteem, etc. However, if we are talking about love, you can certainly sacrifice them. Words, actions - whatever. In the end, the man will understand that you are truly faithful to him, and will stop rolling quarrels and scandals based on vain suspicions.Of course, the immediate result should not be expected, but gradually the problem will be solved. The main thing is to do everything sincerely and heartily. The guys feel it. And believe.

Saving relationships

On how to win a man and keep him, write whole books. Why? Because every girl knows that getting a guy’s attention is not so difficult, but making it so that he stays with her forever is harder. They say that a man is like a ball. If a girl releases him from her hands, he will dissolve. And vice versa.

We need to remember that you have to sacrifice something. After all, for a loved one you can go almost everything. Devote him as much time as necessary, sometimes - to put at the expense of their interests and hobbies, communication with other people and other activities. In general, give all yourselves to him. But it is important not to live in pink glasses and to perceive reality as it is. It is necessary to pay attention to everything that happens in a relationship. Otherwise, you can miss some very important detail. In order to maintain relationships, you need to constantly analyze them.

Novelty and freshness in relationships

Monotony annoying. This is known to all.Every person constantly wants something new. And if a girl can satisfy this desire with some pleasant purchase, then the guys most often solve the problem differently: they are looking for novelty in a relationship. And God forbid he would think of finding another girl. In addition, there is still the conquest instinct. New fun - try to get another girl. Let even for a while, then to return to his beloved. For some (not for all, of course) guys, this is absolutely normal. But for a loving girl - real punishment and pain. How to keep a man who considers the above described normal? Not so difficult.

It is necessary to increase its importance in the eyes of his boyfriend. The way in which this can be achieved is not suitable for all men, it should be noted right away. You can designate them as follows - jealous hunters. These are not the ones who tear their heads off to anyone who comes closer to his lady's heart in less than a kilometer. These are the guys who like their beloved to attract the attention of other men. Such behavior as if says: "You have a great taste, you know a lot about women, you are luckythat it is yours! "You can provoke a similar situation, ask a friend to play along.

Still need to remember the desire of novelty. You can just go and change. Surely the girl knows what attracts her boyfriend in the beautiful half of humanity. Moreover, the changes can be both external and internal. You can reconsider your character: strengthen or weaken any qualities. To make the look more confident, to be convinced of one's own originality, to become stronger, more independent, bitchy. Of course, it is best if these changes manifest themselves after some separation (for example, both did not see each other for a week or two). It would be more logical than if both he and she had fallen asleep together in the same bed, and eight hours later the girl suddenly woke up with a different character.

how to keep a twin man

In general, it is worth thinking about it. In fact, the answer to the question of how to fall in love and keep a man is extremely simple. You just need to become the girl he never gets tired of loving.

Regain value

If we talk about how to keep a man, it should be noted that such a point can be designated as the fear of loss.You can try to hold your beloved in some tension, to make him remember that you are a value. Just not plain text, of course. This can be done in different ways: starting with the one mentioned above (collecting admiring glances of other men), ending with the “closer-farther” method.

It lies in the fact that for some time to be with him as gentle, sweet, loving and affectionate as possible, and then suddenly disappear. Will call - answer dry and restrained, saying: "I can not say now." Ask for a meeting - to make a bigger case. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. Some guys will have half a day of such a “game”, while others will not have a week. It all depends on the character. Is it possible to keep a man in this way? Is complete. As soon as he feels that there is a chance of losing his beloved, the one that appreciates him and belongs only to him, he will have a fear and a desire to return everything.

how to fall in love and keep a man

You can still make a deliberate break. Make him miss you. Everyone knows that if people see each other too often, then it will get annoying. Someone begins to feel a desire to rest from this regime after a month, someone - in a year.If a girl feels that her boyfriend is starting to cool off to her, it would be time to “go on a business trip” for a week or two. Because of the “busy work plan,” just five minutes a day to talk. “Dear, I'm sorry, I’m really uncomfortable, but when I return, we’ll meet and we’ll make up for what’s lost! He used to see his beloved every day, and then suddenly such a sharp break. Definitely, the man will be bored. He may not say this, but after the "return from a business trip," the girl herself will feel it.

Mistakes of girls who have lost their heads

Well, there are lots of ways to return the former urgency to a relationship with your boyfriend. The above is only a minimum. However, how to keep a married man? Unfortunately, a fairly common question. Will the child hold a man who already has a family? Thought, I must say, insane. And many girls who have lost their heads from a married man, decide on such an act - to get pregnant from him and try to keep this lover with this “happy” news for him.

This is a fatal mistake. So you can only spoil everything.A married man will understand what he has done (although 99% of the probability that he will require confirmation, because many people decide to cheat in this way to keep their happiness), and will disappear, giving money for an abortion.

Does the child hold the man

In general, I must say, a love affair with a young man who officially has a wife is an ignoble and low matter. For a girl, this means being a "fallback". In any case, even if he has fallen out of love with his official mate, his wife has more rights to him than you do. Most of these novels ended in failure. Sometimes the wife and hold the man a child does not work, but here and the chances are small at all. There, in marriage, he has stability, a family, perhaps even children, and what he found on the side, most likely, is simply the diversity mentioned above. The novelty is. But if the girl decided to adjust the pregnancy, then it is better not to do it. Otherwise, you can remain a single mother without alimony.

Guys with character

Many girls, puzzled by how to attract and keep a man, begin to look for answers from the stars, that is, to watch the horoscope. Sometimes it can really help. Whatever one may say, representatives of one or another signs of the zodiac are similar to each other.Of course, for a more accurate solution, you should also know the affiliation of your beloved to the Chinese horoscope, as well as other nuances (starting with the time of birth and ending with your favorite color), but general knowledge is also not bad. Well, it is worth talking about how to keep a Gemini man, Taurus and Capricorn.

Let's start with Gemini. What, or rather who they like? Beautiful girls with whom it is interesting to flirt. The chosen one should be smart, educated, independent, competent in those areas that excite them, and, importantly, it is necessary that she think outside the box. The girl should also be open and sincere, trust her boyfriend. If we talk about how to keep a Gemini man, then we can say one thing with certainty: he must always speak only the truth. And do not limit his freedom. Gemini hates being banned. Be that as it may, these men are not prone to deep feelings. We must take it. So, if you want to keep such a guy, you need to be the most interesting person, constantly improve yourself, develop and surprise him with something new every day. For Gemini there are no perfect girls.For them, there are ideal companions of life - those who will become everything for them: a friend, a support, and support. With such a lady, he agrees to be until the end of life. By the way, about Capricorns, you can say the same thing. Only they are more jealous, and intimate relationships play a greater role for them than for Gemini.

how to keep a married man

Taurus - about these personalities should talk more. An incredibly jealous and eternally suspicious owner of dishonesty, who can only be held in love, truth and loyalty, which he constantly has to be reminded of. To say that he is the one and only, the best and beloved, that no one else is needed and that even if you were offered 10 million dollars, you would have chosen him anyway. It warms the soul of Taurus. If a girl wants a long and happy relationship with him, he will have to be loved, constantly proving it with words and actions. In general, I must say, Taurus - great loving guys. Only now their feelings and confidence must be won. What was mentioned above. But one thing can be said with certainty: the boredom and routine in relations with Taurus will not be for sure. It is an eternal firework of emotions and feelings.

Soft and sensual

Libra and Sagittarius - perhaps the most sensual signs of the zodiac of all 12 existing. And it is in the sequence that is indicated. How to keep a man Libra? It’s simpler than simple: for that, you don’t even need to do anything if he himself is crazy about his beloved. The fact is that the representatives of this sign (both boys and girls) are very vulnerable and emotional, although they try their best to hide it. And since they are great actors, distinguished by such qualities as cunning and resourcefulness, they do it perfectly well. But when they are left alone with themselves, this is the most sentimental stream of emotions that can only be.

Moreover, the Libra guy is easy to win, even if he had never paid attention to you before. You need to be active, initiative, all the forces to fascinate him and show that you are not indifferent to him. Compliments will not be superfluous either, on the contrary, these guys "love with their ears." Libra - these are the people who love for the fact that they love them. Paradox, but such amazing personalities also exist. So finding a common language with them is very easy. However, do not play them.Despite all their gentleness, openness and sensuality, these people, offended and angry, are capable of strong revenge.

How to keep Sagittarius? The man of this zodiac sign is also easy to conquer. This is a dreamy person. Emotional guy who loves communication. So, if you want to be his chosen one, you need to turn into his like-minded and reliable partner. Be sure to support his interests, tastes and preferences. If he is a football fan of Bayern Munich, and you, it turns out, you also do not mind in this team, then this suddenly revealed fact will greatly increase your value in his eyes. Also do not forget about the softness and tenderness. Sagittarius girl is a sophisticated lady, but self-confident.

Unpredictability and initiative

These are two words that best describe the Aquarian man. With his unexpected actions, he is able to surprise anyone. About how to keep a man-Aquarius, you can talk forever. The fact is that these guys are representatives of the most unstable sign of the zodiac. And if a relationship with him began, you will have to realize that this is a game.A very difficult quest, in which you will have to show yourself the same as in the case of Gemini. With Aquarius you need to be interesting, original, surprising and surprising. For him, a girl is not just a friend and partner. This is an object for study. For Aquarius, you must always be a mystery and a mystery. And when he guesses one of them, you must immediately provide him with another. Aquarius in a relationship should not be boring, because they usually choose extraordinary personalities. If you are, great. If not, you will have to work on yourself, your character, behavior, habits, and perhaps even your lifestyle.

can you hold a man

And how to keep the man-virgin - the man from whom the tales can not be expected? We'll have to work hard. First you need to accept the fact that the guy-Virgo - the one who carefully hides his thoughts, especially dreams. He is not a romantic and not an optimist. And those will not, therefore, do not try to change it. Of course, not all Virgos are pedants and realists who are skeptical. However, in their character, these features appear quite often. Why are guys virgins so attractive? Because they are very caring. And for many girls this is the main thing.So, if you want to get support in the form of this person, you will have to accept the habit of criticizing everything. And he will have to open up to him.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for girls to be puzzled by the question of how to keep their loved one close to them. And all solve this problem in their own way. Some - a conversation, which sometimes is enough. Others are beginning to fight, to save relationships with all their forces: by changing themselves, their habitual way of life, character, appearance, so long as the beloved again turned attention to his girlfriend. Still others let things go, hoping that the problem will be solved by itself. However, be that as it may, one should not lose hope. Relationships without difficulties. We are all human beings, and sometimes every person has a healthy desire to leave. But in this case it is necessary to understand the essence of the problem and remember why it all began at all. Sometimes guys save relationships, sometimes girls, but the main thing here is a mutual desire to preserve joint happiness. Then everything will work out.

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