How to jump into the water?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 20, 2013
How to jump into the water?

Every year, both on the beaches of Russia and abroad, there is a mass of people on the piers who constantly jump from the springboard on the pier. These are mostly young people, although adults also sometimes like to jump into the water from a height. Despite the fact that on all the beaches there are announcements that jumping is prohibited, this does not stop anyone. All these people know how to jump into the water, so why not learn to you too?

The diving technology itself looks like this. You have to climb higher, take a run or jump, give yourself acceleration, and fly into the water. Jumping into the water can be done in different ways, but they are all mastered as more simple skills are acquired.


Before you properly jump into the water, group, make different tricks, you need to learn the basics first. First of all, the person who has decided to jump into the water, must overcome their fear of water. When you jump into the water, you lose orientation for a few seconds, as you get a strong blow to the ears and find yourself surrounded by water.Therefore, you must learn not to get lost under water, open your eyes. In addition, you should clearly realize how much time you can spend underwater, and know how to dive into the water directly from the water surface, and then go to the diving from a height.

It is also necessary to remember that grouping during a jump is the basic safety rule. If you group in the wrong way, especially at high altitude, you can severely injure parts of your body, starting with a strong belly slap and ending with a real dislocation of your legs or arms. You need to be grouped so that you can jump into the water either with your head down or with your feet. At the same time it is necessary to remind the string - this means that all parts of the body should be as elongated as possible.

Kinds of jumps

All jumps are divided into sports, acrobatic, training, comic and group. With sports jumping you can jump from the springboard or from the tower. Springboard is good because you get extra acceleration, but at the same time, landing in the water is complicated. Therefore, jumping from towers or springboards - the lot rather athletes or experienced pros, but not newcomers.

Jumps can also be with different starting position, number of turns, body position, direction of rotation. Before jumping, the diver can stand either facing the water or with his back.If you are standing with your back, you can only jump from the spot. If the face - then you can dive and takeoff, then you will enter the water stronger. Also during the jump, you can make your body rotate along the transverse or longitudinal axis. A simple person jumps most often with a “pike” or “bomb”. The first case is a jump head down with arms outstretched forward, and the second is a jump in the already grouped state, when the diver bends his knees under himself and wraps his legs with his hands.

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