How to install the oven?

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How to install the oven?

Equipped kitchen with built-in appliances is the dream of any hostess, since the advantages of finding everything you need within a few meters cannot be overestimated. But what about this “necessary”? Undoubtedly, this list will include a microwave, oven, dishwasher - in a word, all that saves valuable time. Today we will talk about the oven, more precisely, how to install the oven. .

Oven selection

When planning to purchase an oven, pay attention to the fact that they are independent (sold separately) and dependent (that is, together with the cooking surface). If you need only an oven, but you are going to install it under the cooking surface, then you need to consult if this model is suitable for you. The advantage of an independent cabinet is its installation at any place convenient to you. A dependent cabinet cannot function separately from its control surface.

The oven can be electric and gas. The only difference is that the electric does not require the supply of gas, which eliminates the difficulties associated with the characteristics of the connection, as is the case with a gas oven.

Features of the installation of the oven

How to install the oven, there are no special difficulties with the availability of relevant experience and knowledge in the field of electricians, gas supply and safety engineering.

Check the suitability of the cabinet plug and the kitchen outlet. Electrical requirements can be read in the instructions. The socket must have suitable power and voltage. The oven is located at some distance from the wall to ensure free access to the outlet. Turning the oven on, position the cords so that they do not interfere with the movement and final installation of the equipment. The result will be the height adjustment of the cabinet relative to the floor and ensuring a perfectly horizontal position with the help of the legs.

The installation of the built-in oven is preceded by the creation of a niche in the furniture, where a special box for the oven will be located. The niche itself should not exactly fit the box in size, it should be somewhat larger. When the question of how to install a built-in oven arises, the answer will be obvious.You just need to insert the cabinet in a special box for it, where it will be firmly fixed.

When you think about how to install a gas oven, you understand the complexity of the work ahead. The main difficulty is considered to be gas works, since they must be carried out by specialists, this is followed by the gas service. Before you start connecting the cabinet, it is necessary to block the flow of gas. Therefore, it is advisable to connect both the hob and oven at the same time. Connecting the oven is to connect it with a gas hose to the pipe that supplies gas to the apartment. Be sure to check the gas for leaks by turning on. If there is a characteristic odor, the gas supply should immediately stop and correct the problem. After leading the gas to the oven, it must be plugged into an electrical network.

To know how to install an electric oven, you must take into account its feature - the consumption of more power. The main installation requirement is the replacement of old wiring with a new one with copper wire. Special sockets are required, designed for the power specified in the technical specifications of the cabinet.A prerequisite will be the installation of a separate machine through which the connection to the electrical panel will pass, and grounding in order to avoid electric shock.

Oven Installation Rules

How to install the oven? It is necessary to provide a lot of nuances:

  • protection against power surges;
  • grounding;
  • ventilation needed to cool the walls of the oven and much more.

If you still have questions to install, you can see how to install the oven in the video on the Internet. Well weigh all the pros and cons of self-installation of the oven and, if you are not confident in your abilities and knowledge, contact specialists with daily experience of such works.

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