How to install the game on the computer? How to install the game from the disc?

Games are one of the most interesting things thatcould be created on the computer in our time. Certainly, they can do harm, such as damage of sight and time waste, but also it is impossible to forget that they are capable and useful, for example, to help you get away from cruel reality for a short time, then to gather your thoughts and give her rebuff, captivate the plot and heroes. Many would like to play, but not everyone knows how to install the game on the computer and where to look for it. Below you will find ways to install the game, so that the beginner could easily understand the process.

how to install the game on your computer

Where and how do I find the game to install?

Before you figure out how to install the game oncomputer, you need to find the game itself. There are various ways to find programs, including entertainment, for example, ask a friend, buy in a store or on the site of game developers, download from the Internet and others.

  • Buy in the store - the most legal waythe acquisition of the game, besides the probability of its incorrect work is small. You can also buy a key on the site from the developers of the game. Usually in the kit is attached to the instruction, which will tell you how to install. The installed game simply needs to "please" the purchased license key, while gaining access to all important updates and new additions.
  • Ask a friend, rewriting the game from him withcomputer or just bring along his license disk. But in this case, you have to prepare for many costs: if the game is licensed and updated via the Internet, you will not have this update or add-on because the key works only on 1 computer (except for older versions - there are games for 2 computers).
  • And the easiest way is to download from the Internet(by the way, many games are free). This can be done on the official developer site or on neutral resources that provide both games and other files (for example, the torrent system). But downloading software from them, you need to know that this leads to the undermining of the game industry, because the player does not acquire a licensed version, which means that developers do not receive rewards for their work. Also in the installation file can be implemented Trojan, which can cause serious damage to the computer and the information stored on it, so it is very important to know how to properly install the game. In addition, there is a high probability of harming the operating system with substandard utilities.

How to properly install the game from the disc?

how to install an installed game

If you do not know how to install the game from the disk,then you have come to the right place. For this hard (and maybe easy) thing you will need a CD / DVD-ROM to read the disk information. As a rule, if everything is configured correctly on the computer and there are no problems in the CD / DVD-ROM, autorun should start and the installation file window will open. Usually in this window everything is intuitive. The program will ask you to choose a language, agree with the license agreement, and then inform you that it will install all the necessary files for you. As already mentioned, in this case there is no need to literally know how to install the game on the computer. You only need to choose the place where the folder with the game will be located. The path to it should look something like "C: / Program Files / Game Name" (this directory is the default). Note: it is not recommended to install on the system disk, since the operating system simply needs a spare free space for the normal operation of the operations. Therefore, as a rule, if there is more than one hard disk on the computer, the installation should be performed on the one on which there are no system folders.

There are times when games are not on one CD / DVDdisk, and two or more. Therefore, if on the download screen you suddenly have a window asking you to insert "disk 2", do not be afraid. You just need to open the box with the game, get out the second disk and insert it into the drive, first removing the first one. After the installation process, the completion window will be displayed. Clicking on the appropriate button, you can safely start playing. Also, you should not forget that for most games you need different utilities, for example, DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++ and others. They usually go on the same disc together with the game. These utilities are needed for correct graphics processing.

how to install the game from disk

How to install the game on the computer, if it was downloaded from the Internet?

So, to purchase a game over the Internet, itsyou need to download to a specific directory of the computer, that is, to a certain hard disk. It is recommended to use torrent-program, because it has the ability to download the file in case of an unexpected process interruption. After downloading the game to your computer, you need to find the installation file (usually it has the extension .exe) and run it. Next, autorun will start the game. After the procedure described above (how to install the game from the disc) begins. In view of the fact that this type of game acquisition is "pirated" (illegal), for these versions there are Crack utilities to crack the game and play without the introduction of a license key. Crack is both built-in unlicensed game, and going separately. To install Crack, you need to copy files from a folder with this name to the game directory - this is the path where it is installed, for example, "D: / Games / Game Name". But you should remember about possible viruses and Trojans in these installation files.

how to properly install the game

Reinstall games when problems occur

If during the passage / installation of the game aroseproblems, you can try to reinstall it. For this, there is also no need to read tons of literature to learn how to install an installed game. Reinstallation is performed in the same directory where the game was installed earlier, with full replacement of files. This is done in the same way as the installation of the game. If this does not help, it is recommended that you change the purchased disc in the store or request a refund. If the game is downloaded from the Internet, you can try to download the file from another "pirate".

 games for 2 computers

How to play on two computers?

To play one game on 2 differentcomputers with a friend, you need to have a network cable, a network card, two computers, and also to clarify whether there is any possibility of a network game. If there is everything you need, then the network cable is connected to the network card connectors. Further in the game itself, you can create a server for sharing or playing against each other. But you should also remember that after the local network is created your friend will be able to view everything that you have on your computer, which is extremely unsafe.

How to play online?

This is very similar to playing on the network, but only otherspeople will not be able to view your computer. To do this, you need a high-speed Internet (modem or cable) and the presence in the game of the online mode. Unlike a local network, in this case you do not need to create anything yourself, there are already ready servers with players from different regions of the country, and from other countries. Just in the game menu is selected the item "network game" or "play online". In this way, you can easily play with other people from different countries and regions without worrying about the security of data stored on your computer.

 how to install a cache on a game

Other story

Often, for some people,computer games - this is already a whole story. First they ask questions: "How to install?", "Where to buy?", "How to play?", "How to set the cache for the game?". And when everything is safely done, they pass it in a couple of hours, then another question arises: "How to remove it?" But this is another story.

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