How to install plastic windows? Do-it-yourself installation of plastic windows

Plastic windows, despite some very unfair statements about their non-ecological compatibility, are breaking all records of popularity today. That, in principle, is not surprising. Is it possible to compare a beautiful, convenient in operation, a PVC window protecting against noise and cold with a cracked old wooden analogue! Naturally, this pleasure cannot be called cheap, since you have to pay not only for the product itself. Installation of plastic windows (the price of such a procedure is usually from forty to sixty dollars) also has its own separate cost. Imagine if you need to replace them in the whole apartment? Get a pretty solid amount. But you can try to save a little. How? Yes, elementary! Since installing plastic windows is not so difficult,then why not try it yourself? Provided, of course, that you can distinguish a nail from a screw and know how to handle a drill. And everything will certainly work! But because our review on the topic: "Installing plastic windows with their own hands" is designed for the budget conscious and skilled owners. However, new homemade masters are also invited to join. And together with us to study in detail such a procedure as the installation of a plastic window. The instructions offered in the review (quite detailed and understandable) help you!

how to install plastic windows

Slight retreat

Before you talk about how to install plastic windows, it is advisable to talk a little more about the product itself. The fact is that you have to order it from the manufacturer. Or call the measurers on the house, or take measurements of their own and go to the company. And if in the first case everything is much simpler, since it is possible to get competent advice right at home from a specialist who arrived, then in the second one still needs to have at least a rudimentary knowledge about what PVC windows are. Because, having made the wrong choice, you simply throw the money into the pipe, for you will remain dissatisfied with the purchased products, which is fraught (in the worst case scenario) with repeated replacement of windows.And then about any savings and can be no question. Even the installation of plastic windows with their own hands is unlikely to help patch up the gap punched in the budget.

Types of windows

Having made the decision to replace windows in a house or apartment, you need to clearly define what you want to get at the exit. The fact is that these products are very diverse. Starting from the most simple and ending, so to speak, "heaped up." And depending on this, their cost also varies. So, PVC windows can be single-door, two-and three-or even four-fold. It all depends on the width of the opening. In addition, they are divided by the method of opening. A plastic window (it is also commonly referred to by the people as simply a double-glazed window) can be generally deaf, open like a regular window (inside the room) or like a transom (fold). Today, the last two options are most often combined, which is extremely convenient. You also need to decide for yourself how many cameras in the window are preferable for you. The more of them, the higher the cost of the product, naturally, at the same time, however, the same is warmer and quieter in the apartment. Therefore, if the room is warm, and even overlooks the quiet courtyard, then it is quite possible to do with double-glazed windows.And since you assemble the plastic windows yourself, the cost of repairs will be noticeably less. All this is very important. And because such nuances certainly need to be considered when ordering PVC windows. And now we go from words to deeds.

do-it-yourself installation of plastic windows

Remove the size

Everything is quite simple. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that measurements should be carried out from the outside. For what we open the doors of the old window, and then measure the width of the opening and its height (from the upper lintel to the immediate ebb). After that, we add to the obtained parameters two or even three centimeters on each side. This will be our original size. All. You can go to the company or call its representative at the house. The latter is not always desirable, because quite often, when drawing up an agreement, measurers do not inform the client how much the installation of plastic windows costs, and immediately put in it the total amount, including the cost of the product, and its installation. And since you are going to implement this process yourself, this option is not for you. Therefore, either it is necessary to immediately negotiate these points with the manufacturer, or to order double-glazed windows directly from the company.


Since it is decided to install plastic windows on your own, you need to take care of the order or purchase on the construction market (which will be cheaper) of components. You will need to purchase (on the basis of one glass unit) a window sill, two plugs for it, a tint, a special starting one, designed specifically for the glass unit, a profile (in the amount of three pieces), a support profile. If you plan to put a window in a room that has access to the loggia, then you will not need an ebb, but you will need to purchase two window sills and four caps. In addition, you will have to do more slopes, so you have to attend to the purchase of special plastic panels. All major components must be purchased, based on the initial width of the internal opening, ebb and sill.


You will need to purchase some building materials. This is polyurethane foam (we expect this: we buy three cylinders for a double-window, three for three-leaved), a plaster bag (you can take a domestic one, “Lux”, weighing fifteen kg), several sheets of foam plastic five centimeters wide, a tube of liquid plastic, one liter of water-based paint, as well as special tapes for hydro and vapor insulation.Still need to buy rails, which will be useful when installing slopes (in the amount of three pieces).

In addition, the required purchase and fasteners. These are anchor plates (take five pieces), dowels forty and sixty millimeters long, screws (both for wood and metal).

 how to install plastic windows in a wooden house [


It is quite clear that the installation of a plastic window is impossible without the availability of appropriate tools. Therefore, we carry out an audit in our working cabinet (which is not enough, then we buy it in addition) and stock up on:

  • screwdriver;
  • level;
  • foam gun;
  • perforator;
  • silicone gun;
  • a set of hexagons;
  • jigsaw;
  • office knife;
  • a pencil;
  • tape measure.

Sequence of work

Installation of glass includes a lot of stages, the main of which are:

  • dismantling the old window (and with the window sill and ebb);
  • preparing a new installation;
  • marking on the window frame in those places where it is planned to install fasteners;
  • their fastening;
  • installing a plastic window level;
  • fastening it to the window opening;
  • installation of low tide (this can be done at the end of installation);
  • preliminary adjustment of window fittings;
  • zapenivaniya gaps existing between the frame and directly window opening;
  • installation of a windowsill;
  • final adjustment of window fittings.plastic windows installation reviews


Since the installation technology of plastic windows provides for a free opening, the first thing we do is get rid of the old window. To do this, we first remove all the removed flaps, and from the deaf get glass. Now you need to remove the frame. Here, especially if we are talking about old windows, you have to sweat. Because, even though the doors themselves had long been cracked and acquired, to say the least, not quite presentable, the frame, as a rule (and oddly enough), was made of excellent wood, which even after many years could not afford . Therefore, for dismantling it is best to use the grinder, and put on it a circle on the metal. We make deep cuts in the frame in several places and from all sides, then with some improvised tool (say, a crowbar) we carefully remove it in pieces. Then we get rid of the old window sill in the same way.We clean up after ourselves, clearing the doorway from all kinds of garbage (which will be oh so much) and dust.

installation of plastic slopes on the windows

We prepare a double-glazed window

Everything is simple, you just need to check whether the doors are well closed. This is extremely important, because if they are slightly opened, then later, after sealing the openings, the mounting foam can cause the profile to deform. So remember: at the end of the process, the glass unit must be tightly closed for at least twelve hours. As for the protective film on the profile, it is recommended not to remove it, so as not to scratch the plastic during installation.


As with any other construction process, in this case it is also necessary to follow all the requirements of this strict standard. Installation of plastic windows according to GOST should be done not only by professionals, but also by home craftsmen. That will ensure a long life for the new window and guarantees that it will fulfill its intended purpose - protection against noise and cold.

In principle, of course, it doesn’t matter at what distance from the top or bottom of the window opening you will mount the same anchor plates. The error in centimeter-another will not play a special role. Another thing is important.Installation of plastic windows according to GOST requires strict adherence to the two most important rules: installation must always be done using specially made tapes for this - steam and waterproofing. They need to paste a new frame around the perimeter. And the first tape is pasted from the outside, and the second - from the inside. By the way, many professional installers are not particularly puzzled by this, which is why later there are multiple customer complaints: the windows mist inside, glasses appear on the windows, etc. In other words, such plastic windows will hardly please their owners. Installing (reviews of furious customers in numerous forums is a clear confirmation) of the glass unit in this way can lead to the fact that there is dampness in the room, to the extent that the corners and the ceiling in the room blacken. And therefore, not being like negligent masters, first of all we glue over the frame ahead of time with purchased tapes.

installation of plastic windows instruction


Immediately need to make a reservation. Installing plastic windows alone is a laborious and ungrateful exercise. That is why it is necessary to get an assistant, at least at the initial stages of installation.The double-glazed window is rather heavy, it is not so easy to put it under the level, and even just lift it up to put it in the opening. Well, we will assume that we have an assistant, and therefore we will continue. Important! The double-glazed window should never be installed directly on the concrete. Therefore, from the bottom you need to place small bars, on which then mount the window.

First of all, we apply the markup on the window frame. Fasteners must be placed at a distance of seventy centimeters from each other. It is possible and less often, but the indicator of one meter is not recommended to exceed. As for the corner fasteners, they need to be placed at a distance of five to fifteen centimeters from the corner of the window frame. So, the markup is made, on it we attach anchor plates with metal screws. We insert the glass unit into the opening, mark the place of attachment, pull out the window, and in a brick or concrete we hollow out cavities for the anchors. In principle, if you plan to install plastic slopes on the windows, then you can mount the plate and on top, because the plastic will mask them. If the slope will be made of plaster, then these gaps are still desirable to make.Then you just will not need to impose extra layers of solution in order to hide them.


When all the work is done, return the glass in the opening and set it in accordance with the level indicators. This is where the lower sticks-pads come in handy, with which you can adjust the position of the window (that is, some of them may be thicker, some thinner). Once you are convinced that the window is really smooth, you can attach anchor plates to the opening with self-tapping screws on concrete. Now you need to adjust the accessories glass. Everything is simple here. It is necessary to check that the doors open freely, close tightly, hold the position well, never cling. Existing deficiencies need to be corrected by twisting the screws directly on the fitting itself. Can zapenivat. If, however, something in the measurements was wrong, and the gap between the opening and the glass unit turned out to be quite wide, you can partially fill them with foam, and only then with foam. In principle, it is possible and not to bother, since the goal of this process is the same - to save a can of quite expensive foam.

 plastic window installation technology

Window sill

Now we proceed to such a procedure as installing window sills of plastic windows. Since they are usually standard, then you need to take a grinder or jigsaw, and then cut off the extra centimeters. The window sill is mounted in a special installation profile, available at the bottom of the window frame. Then you need to take the construction level and adjust its position. To do this, in those places where it is necessary, you can put pieces of cardboard, wood or, say, laminate, under the window sill. Then zapenivaem under it all the cracks, and from above evenly distribute the load. As the latter, you can use anything, up to the usual plastic bottles filled with water.

Ebb tides

Installing castings on plastic windows completes the installation process. They are attached to the window frame with metal screws, of course, from the outside. As mentioned above, if you install a window overlooking the loggia, then a window sill is mounted instead of low tide.

A few words about the slopes

It should be noted that the installation of slopes is a topic for a separate, and rather serious, conversation. However, so that you still have an idea about the future algorithm of your actions, let us briefly touch on this topic. As for external slopes, only one option is acceptable here.They are plastered and then painted with emulsion paint. With the internal, all somewhat different. They can also be plastered and then painted, made from plasterboard or plastic. Each option has the right to exist, but it is worth noting that recently recently the plastic sandwich panels specially made for double-glazed windows have become the most popular. They are aesthetic, have the same texture as the window itself, are hygienic, easy to install and bear the additional burden - they contribute to thermal insulation. What, you see, is important.

A private house

Quite often, many home craftsmen have a question about how to install plastic windows in a wooden house. Yes, indeed, today double-glazed windows adorn the facades not only of high-rise buildings, but also of the majority of private houses. In principle, there are no particular differences in the installation, with the exception of some nuances. As you know, single-storey buildings, and even wood, are prone to shrinkage. Therefore, in order not to deform the glass unit during operation, it must be enclosed in a special frame before being installed in the window opening itself.Occasionally, some homeowners do not want to dismantle the window box, trying to shove a double-glazed window into it by hook or by crook. Doing this is strongly discouraged, both in terms of technology and aesthetics. The façade is unlikely to become more beautiful, and it is hardly possible to achieve airtightness, because all the cracks in the old window box will remain as they were. So, perhaps, such a game is not worth the candle.

In all other respects, the installation of the glass unit is no different from that produced in high-rise buildings. So, if you have plans to replace windows, it does not matter, in the house, in the country, in the apartment, arm yourself with knowledge and tools. Will be useful!

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