How to install minecraft?

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How to install minecraft?

The game "Minecraft" with every day is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps many are surprised, because the playing field itself is more of a shooter from the nineties and thick screens than something modern and usually requiring a huge amount of computer resources. Such unusual simplicity in appearance, most likely, it attracts many players. But do not think that this game is simple enough, it is not so.

How to install "Minecraft": instruction

Installing the game is simple and does not take a lot of time.

  1. First we need to install Java on the computer. You can download it on the official website I do not recommend downloading this program from any other sites with programs and from any disks with a set of programs. This may affect the system and the security of your data.
  2. There are two versions of the game: free and paid. Paid costs about three hundred rubles, but has a little more opportunities in terms of network play. If you think that you do not need it, then download the free version of the game on the official website. Please note that you must first register on the site!
  3. After downloading the file, you need to install it by clicking on it twice with the left mouse button, and then answer the questions that will appear in the window.
  4. Now we start the game, and after entering your login you can proceed directly to the game. You will be offered modes: the game over the network (via the Internet) and a single game. Choose the one that interests you most.

If you have understood little of what is written above, watch the video on how to install "Minecraft" on by entering the corresponding query in the search.

How to set skin in "Minecraft"?

Skin is a png image that you upload directly to the game, and it is displayed as your character. This feature is one of those. which is not available in the free version. That is, you cannot make visible to others what you install.

  1. In order to install the skin, you need to find it or make it yourself. If you have any experience in graphic editors, draw a picture in 64x32 format and save it in png format. If you do not have such skills, then just search the Internet and save yourself a favorite picture on the computer.
  2. Rename the picture to char.png. It is important!
  3. Go to the folder where you installed the game "Minecraft" and find the bin folder there, which we will need. Found? Open up.
  4. The folder will contain a variety of files, but we need minecraft.jar. Right-click on it and open with WinRar.
  5. Go to the Mod folder and transfer there the image selected for the skin.
  6. Close the archive and reopen the game. You should succeed!

First you need to find the mod you would like to install. If you have already found the mod you need, then you can proceed directly to the instructions:

  1. Go to the same folder bin, which is located in the place where you installed the game.
  2. Again, as in the instructions above, open the Minecraft.jar file using WinRar.
  3. We copy into the opened window the files that are in the archive.

Please note that some mods are installed in a slightly different way, which is usually described in the file located in the mod folder itself.

How to install crack for Minecraft?

Installing a cracker is exactly the same as we installed skins and mods in the instructions above.

  1. Like last time, open the game folder, go to the bin and find the Minecraft.jar file there.
  2. Open it with WinRar.
  3. Download a fresh crack that would suit your version of the game.
  4. Transfer all the contents of the cracker directly to the open archive file Minecraft.jar. Done!
  5. Delete the META-INF file, the game will not start with it!

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