How to install ICQ on a computer?

Online communication services such as ICQ, Skype and others have appeared on users' computers for a long time. Sometimes we feel like without hands, if suddenly the service serving us does not work. Russian users prefer ICQ, although Skype is considered the global brand. In Skype you can find a person from almost any country. But today we will talk about “ICQ”, as the program ICQ is called in common people. So:

How to install ICQ on a computer:

Just a few steps are enough:

  • Download the latest version of the program: ICQ (12.1 MB)
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  • In a few minutes everything will be ready.
  • After the first launch of ICQ, you will need to register in the system, create a nickname and password.
  • Everything is ready for online communication.

What is ICQ:

The latest version of the service, the link to which is also available in our article, is distinguished by a number of features compared to older versions. The most recent ICQ solution is to work with the social network Now, thanks to the service, you can contact your friends on facebook without using any browser.It is enough to include your friends on facebook in the list of contacts ICQ and you can start chatting. Also, the developers have added a new status window, with which you can share images and links that you liked. Now you can post your own and not only your photos in ICQ with the help of a special tool created for this.

What other online communication services exist:

QIP service

This service is one of the most popular all over the world. QIP will allow you to easily communicate with your colleagues, friends or new friends. What is QIP communication? This is communication by means of sending short written messages in real time. The 2005 version of the program is the most successful configuration of the QIP multiprotocol messenger. A huge number of people gave their preference to the 2005 model. Unlike later versions, QIP 2005 will relieve users from annoying ads that come every three weeks. To disable it, simply tick the desired option in the program. Here are some features of QIP 2005 release:

  • If one of your interlocutors is bored with his messages, then you have the opportunity not to read them.For this purpose, a black list is provided in QIP, where a person can be placed either in the list of those who are not seeing you, or in the ignore list. Messages from this person will no longer flow into the text message window.
  • You can remove any person from your contact list. In this case, he will receive a message that the contact has deleted itself.
  • Great opportunities in the design of your text messages. Various smiles are presented to your attention in order to most fully convey the meaning of your words. In addition, smiles and other images are available for download on the free QIP server.
  • Remember that you can see the IP address of your interlocutor. Accordingly, he is also able to do this.
  • A special status system will help to inform the interlocutors about your current state of affairs. You can not only write something in the status, but also insert a status template. They can be found in a special menu. In addition, the status editor can be accompanied by a picture.

These services do not exhaust the diversity of communication on the Internet. Do not forget to communicate with people for real, since it is much more important and more correct than communication on the Internet.

"Restrictions on food give us bodily health, and restrictions on communicating with people - peace of mind. "(B.

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