How to install fog lights?

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How to install fog lights?

In bad weather, when it rains heavily outside, or a thick fog envelops the road, the light from standard car headlights is strongly diffused, with the result that the visibility of the path is significantly reduced. This has a negative effect on traffic safety. In such cases, fog lights come to the driver’s help, which, by a horizontal wide beam, illuminate the curb well and thus facilitate driving.

Nowadays, when special attention is paid to driver and passenger safety, many car manufacturers have added fog lights to the list of mandatory lighting devices and have begun to install them on all standard-equipped vehicles.

If you are unlucky and you do not have factory fog lights in your car, you can easily solve this problem by installing the headlights yourself.

How to install fog lights in a car?

Many motorists are interested in whether it is possible to install the headlights yourself. Of course, it is possible, this is not such a difficult matter, special skills will not be required for this. It is quite clear that there is no single instruction for installing fog lamps, and it cannot be: the installation of headlights in cars of different brands and different models has its own characteristics, but, nevertheless, there are general rules for attaching and connecting headlights - we will talk about them you now and tell.

First get your own fog lights. What kind of headlights to buy - xenon or halogen - decide for yourself.

However, when buying headlights be sure to take into account the fact that they are divided into types also on the principle of their attachment. Depending on it headlights can be hinged and cut-in. If you can install hinged headlights mounted on brackets on almost any car, you will not be able to install headlights, for example, on the sixth Lada model, since such headlights can only be embedded in a plastic bumper.

In addition to the headlights themselves, you will also need:

  • wires;
  • insulating tape;
  • headlamp relay and block for it;
  • connectors for wires;
  • headlight button.Often on the dashboard of a car there is a free button or toggle switch - in this case, you can use it. If there is no free button, you will have to embed it yourself.

General operating procedure

  1. According to the rules of the road is allowed to install no more than one pair of fog lights. Attach them relies at a level not lower than 25 cm from the road surface. In addition, it is forbidden to move the headlights forward more than forty centimeters from the side dimensions. Select a spot for the headlights in accordance with these rules and fasten them there. To install the recessed headlights (if there are no finished holes in the bumper under them), remove the bumper and carefully cut holes in it into the desired size and shape
  2. Refer to the instructions included with your headlight kit. It should be clearly and in detail described in what order, where and how to conduct the wires from the headlights and to which contact which wire should be connected. In addition to the verbal description, the manual has an electrical connection for the headlights, which you will also need to navigate during work.
  3. Before starting work on connecting the headlights, be sure to remove the negative terminal from the battery!

Next, for clarity, we describe the process of connecting the headlights on the example of their connection in the car VAZ 2109

Connection order protivotumanok in the car VAZ 2109

Install the power button.

  1. To the right of the speaker grille, a regular place is already provided for the headlamp power button, as long as it is covered with a plastic plug. Remove the grille, unscrew the speaker, and you will see two connectors for connecting the button.
  2. Remove the plug from the panel, put the button in its place, connect the button to the connectors. Replace the speaker and replace the grille.

Connect the relays and power wires to the headlights.

  1. Open the hood and find under it a black box - this is the mounting block. Unscrew it and lift it up and you will have access to the connectors.
  2. Pull the wires from the fog light under the hood to the mounting block.
  3. Pull three wires from the relay to the black box (pre-select the place where it will be convenient to fasten it to the car body). The fourth wire extending from the relay is the ground wire, it is not necessary to connect it to the mounting block.
  4. Then use the wiring diagram attached to your car’s instruction manual.In accordance with it, disconnect from the black box the connectors marked on the diagram as Ш 8 and Ш 7, and insert the terminals of wires from the headlights and the relay into them (herewith, again, follow the wiring diagram).
  5. Replace the W 7 and W 8 connectors in their place.
  6. Replace the black box.
  7. Bolt bolt the relay to the machine body, under the same bolt fasten and ground wire, departing from the relay.
  8. Wires weight, departing from each headlamp, securely fasten near the headlights themselves on the car body.
  9. Connect the terminal to the battery and check how your new fog lights.

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