How to influence a person?

Are you sure that you make all your decisions by yourself? Sure that no one plays on your weaknesses, habits, desires? Does no one force you to act in a certain way? There are a small number of people who can say with precision that this is not the case.

Think how important it is to look good? Do you think that your personal success depends on a well-chosen brand of perfume? Are you ashamed to go to people without a newfangled mobile phone? Then rest assured that you are being ruled! This is an advertising manipulation that is able to control a person. Not one dozen professionals have worked to find out how to attract your attention, what to interest and in general, how to influence people.

Ways to influence people

The most important way to influence any person is conversation, communication with him. He needs to offer what he wants. Knowing the tricks and tricks of manipulation, you can get anything from anyone.

So, the following methods have a direct impact on a person:

  • Conviction. Direct way of manipulating a person or even a group of people. The purpose of persuasion: to instill their own opinions based on a variety of arguments and facts, to change the reasoning, the course of thoughts, decisions and actions of the persuaded.
  • Compulsion. This influence on the life of a person, on his living conditions. The coercing person may demand the necessary behavior orally, or he may use the most obvious, forbidden threat - violence, physical violence.
  • Suggestion. The same as conviction, but without the use of arguments and facts.
  • Request. Affectionate, kind appeal to another person, pursuing selfish motives of satisfying their own needs and wishes.
  • Self-promotion. This is a personal advertisement that tells about your own competence in certain issues. It is used when drafting a resume for a new position, during an interview, in elections while nominating one’s candidacy.
  • Manipulation. The secret influence of people on each other, the urge to perform certain actions, to perform the necessary actions, experiencing various emotional states.A person is brought to the point that he does things that are not needed by him, thinking that he himself wants it.
  • Criticism. Stimulation of a surge of negative emotions. Insulting a person, condemning his actions, actions, thoughts, behavior, attitude to something, etc. The goal is a change in the behavior of a person who is amenable to criticism or a deep resentment on her part.
  • Stimulation to imitation. It makes people a strong desire to imitate or be like someone. Manifested in a deliberate or unintentional repetition of appearance, actions, reasoning, principles, habits, etc.
  • Infection. Transfer your mood to others. It happens arbitrary and involuntary.
  • Formation favors. The desire to win the sympathy for themselves, attention, approval, through the demonstration of their competence, attentiveness, originality, indispensability, the provision of advice and assistance.

Principles of influence on people

There are also various principles that can even be called stereotyped that have an impact on us. Here are a few of them:

    1. The principle of mutual exchange. All people are used to paying for what they get.If a certain person does not pay for the products or services provided, he becomes incomprehensible to society and causes general disapproval and may even incur troubles, in the form of social sanctions, statements of his ingratitude. Therefore, each of us is trying not to fall into such situations, which are skillfully used by mental health professionals, who choose the tactics of “first give, and then you can ask about anything.”

      An example of this principle is the free units of products provided for sample, fitting, use for a certain time or as a gratuitous gift. Experienced presenters treat a person in such a way that he feels as if he must buy at least something.

      Also an example is unsolicited services. Sometimes charities send a greeting card and a souvenir, after which they are asked to contribute money for their purposes.

      Mutual exchange may be disadvantageous to one of the parties. Often there are cases when a person gives more or makes a service more serious than was provided to him, so as not to feel obliged to someone.

    2. The principle of contrast.The external environment also has a significant impact on human development. If we see two objects that differ from each other, then we exaggerate their difference. The application of this principle often turns out to be unnoticed. It is used by sellers, specifically offering the first most expensive product, and then the one that really want to sell or first large products (fur coat, costume), and then accessories to it.
    3. Principle of authority. Our consciousness is prone to obedience to authoritative individuals. There is a clear understanding in society that this behavior is correct, and it is easier to solve your problems. In obedience to the instructions of leaders and authorities, a person makes his life easier by not solving anything on his own, not taking responsibility.

There are examples of influence on a person, here is one of them: the experiment was conducted in an Australian college with students of the 5th grade. The same person was represented differently in each class. In one of them, he was supposedly a guest from England who works at the University of Cambridge. In another class - a simple student, in the third - a laboratory assistant, in the fourth - a lecturer, in the fifth he was a senior lecturer.And finally, in the sixth grade, he was represented as a professor. After each departure from the classrooms, students should have roughly estimated its growth. As a result, it was found that with each increase in status, the guest seemed to students higher. The “student” was lower than the “professor” by almost three inches.

In order to skillfully influence the human psyche and be able to protect oneself from other people's manipulations, it is necessary to know all the principles and methods of influencing people.

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