How to increase the site's TCI

After the webmaster created one or the othersite, it's time to promote this project. First of all, you need to understand what ultimate goals you want to achieve in order to consider your site well-promoted. For some webmasters, this can be a stable number of unique visitors, without any scoring systems. For others, the most important thing is to occupy certain positions in the issuance of major search engines. And for the third webmasters it is enough to raise the TCI, which they can reach in a certain period of time. There are other evaluation criteria, but the above achievements are basic. Now about how to increase the TCI of almost any site to large values.

First you need to pay special attention tostructure of your site, namely the presence of unique content, through which the project will be interesting not only to you and your friends, but also to other people. To do this, you need to regularly monitor the addition of useful and unique information on the pages of your site, so that the printed text was written correctly and by all the rules of the Russian language. It is also necessary to check the uniqueness of printed text by special programs that are not too difficult to find on the Internet. Many webmasters are wondering how to increase the site's TCI, but they do not even think about the concept of the uniqueness of the content. But this is their main mistake, which will necessarily lead to poor indicators in this direction.

After the structure and content of the sitefigured out, you can start its promotion, that is, you can quietly declare your project publicly, so that from the search engines and third-party sites, traffic to you is gradually received. What are we talking about and how to improve the TIC due to this? It's very simple, you need to place direct links to your project on third-party sites. It should be noted immediately that this is a rather laborious process, but the result will not take long. Links should be better placed in the form of articles, so that they "enveloped" with printed content and become almost invisible. Search engines will immediately see these links and, after making a certain analysis of their quality and content, will conclude that third-party sites refer to your project and consider it useful.

That's the only way you can raise the TCI(thematic citation index) of their project. And the links are best left on thematic resources, that is, on sites with common or similar topics. But, as practice shows, the reference mass from non-topic sites also has a certain weight. So, now you know how to increase the TIC of your project. In principle, one can safely embark on the practical application of the theoretical knowledge that has just been obtained. Although no, a couple more questions remained unresolved ...

The first question. Reference mass you need, like air, but the sites on which it is located - do not need absolutely! A large number of outbound links negatively affects the development of the project, including search engine optimization, so all webmasters try to remove direct links. Many of them go to a two-way exchange, that is, in response you will also need to place a direct link to the webmaster project (this is a very acceptable option for you). There are also many different exchanges for the sale of links and articles, where you can place a link to your site for a reasonable price (a good option, but a little expensive) for a reasonable price.

The second question. How to raise the TIC we already know. But most of you have heard that the TCI can fall in a numerical value. And this is true, although this phenomenon occurs a little less often than an increase in value. The greater the reference mass from other projects, the more the quality of these links, the more you have the indicators of TCI. Conversely, when the sites that previously referred to you are closed, the TCI of your project falls.

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