How to improve the complexion?

Wrinkles are not the only problem worrying women. It happens that a woman's skin is still quite young and elastic, but here is the color ... Painful, unnatural, without an attractive blush ... What to do? How to improve the complexion? What will help? This is what we devote to our conversation today.

How to improve complexion: ways

Let's just say: if you really want to have a healthy complexion, be prepared to work hard. You can not improve the complexion alone with a cream, mask or some other way. You can do this with an integrated approach, because our whole organism is a single system. Even if you buy an expensive cream and a mask, but continue to smoke, you will not get a healthy complexion. What does an integrated approach mean? This is a simultaneous and constant follow all the recommendations below.

Improve complexion: sleep

If you sleep a little, the body does not recover. If the forces are not restored, the body takes energy from the reserve. When reserves run low, we see it on our face. Swelling, bruises under the eyes, grayish complexion, blemishes.You did not get enough sleep - the body is weak, the metabolism is disturbed, the blood circulates poorly. And what is the blush? It is blood boiling in a healthy body, flowing to the cheeks. Where does it boil when the body works on a reserve?

Conclusion: 8 hours of continuous sleep every night. Ideal for health and female beauty is sleep up to 12 nights.

Nutrition and complexion

It seems that everything has been said about this already. Fast foods, fried, smoked, carbonated drinks, buns and other simple carbohydrates violate the metabolism. And this has already been said above. The metabolism is broken, the blood circulates poorly. In addition, in all such products (unnatural for the human body) there are no vitamins. Lack of vitamins and minerals - a painful complexion, acne (for metabolism - this is the work of the glands), the absence of blush. How to improve complexion with nutrition?

Conclusion: in the diet daily - vegetables, fruits, dairy products (preferably low-fat and sugar-free). Lean meat - 2 times a week, fish of fatty varieties (in them those useful polyunsaturated fats that are important for the skin, its elasticity and healthy color) - 3 times a week. Cooking methods: cook, steam, bake.We eat every 3 hours in small portions, long and carefully chew.

Healthy complexion and sport

Elementary load should be daily. This is the very way to spur the metabolism, to start blood circulation, which will reach the face, which will improve its color.

Conclusion: choose exercises that are enjoyable, and do them every day without thinking about what is “necessary.” This is what you want because you want to improve the complexion. You can even just turn on the music and dance till you drop! The main thing is activity.

Fresh air

Overcrowded indoor air, dust, radiation from a computer are enemies for the skin of the face and the whole body. Just as on things, dust settles on the face, the so-called "stale" air clogs the pores, the skin suffers in such a situation, gets tired, loses its healthy color.

Conclusion: air the room daily. Be sure to sleep (and it is better to sleep with the window open) and after sleep. Walking daily, preferably away from the roads and not shopping. Go to the park, to the forest, to the river, lake, in general, where you can breathe fresh air, saturate the blood with oxygen, which will give this oxygen to all organs, improve metabolism, make your complexion healthy and beautiful.

Face hygiene

Perhaps the most important is direct work on the face.Be sure to clean the face daily. And it does not depend on whether you use cosmetics or not. If you use, there is nothing to say. If not, remember the dust, the dirt around you.

Conclusion: every evening and morning spend cleansing procedures. Usually these procedures consist of 3 steps: cleansing (make-up remover milk and gel for washing, even if you didn’t do makeup), toning (tonic, lotion for your skin type) and moisturizing (suitable for you cream).

Masks that improve complexion

Now let's talk about how you can additionally help your skin regain a healthy complexion. Folk remedies will help us.

Clean the face and apply a scrub or peeling before applying the mask. As a homemade option: fine salt, mixed with your milk or gel for washing.

  • Oatmeal mask for a healthy complexion.

Pass the oatmeal (not instant, but natural!) Through a meat grinder.

Slightly heat the milk. Pour the oatmeal into the milk, let it swell. After add the pulp of tomato, apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

  • Curd mask with mumiyo

In the pharmacy, you can buy mummy (come in tablets, but it is better to find natural, usually in cubes,irregular shape).

In a tablespoon of sour cream dissolve mumiyo (it will take time, it will be necessary to mix). After that, add cottage cheese 5% fat. Apply on face for 20 minutes.

  • Vegetable mask that improves complexion

Mashed potatoes + grated carrots + yolk. If it is liquid, add flour or starch to a consistency suitable for spreading. All mix, apply on face for 15-20 minutes. After rinse.

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