How to improve relationships?

Quite a few couples who have a smooth relationship: often misunderstanding, quarrels, boredom, jealousy, intolerance to the shortcomings undermine and slowly destroy, at first glance, harmonious relations. These problems lie in ourselves, and if you want to make your relationship better with your partner, you need to try both. Talk about how to improve relationships with a boyfriend and girlfriend. Presented tips are also suitable for a husband and wife.

Accept the shortcomings and features of each other

The pursuit of the ideal is, of course, good, but we must remember that there is no limit to perfection. And this means that each of us is not perfect. Do not make excessive demands on the partner, you can point out to his shortcomings, but you don’t need to put pressure on him. Accept each other for who you are. If you want to improve, help your partner change.

Resolve conflicts wisely

Tears, shouts and mutual recriminations will not help grief. Learn to hear and listen to each other, to understand what a partner needs and to compromise.If you have another quarrel or dispute (and this is inevitable), try to calm down, let your partner speak out, and express your own complaints too. Take a look at the situation from the outside and make the right decision. If you need to decide something serious, do not rush to conclusions.

Trust each other

Trust is hard to earn, but very easy to lose, but if you truly love, you will be trusted. No need to delve into the correspondence partner in social networks, in his phone, earnestly asking "Where was (a)?" after a long absence. Give a person freedom of action, but in return he should also give it to you.

Do not be fooled - deception can ruin a relationship very much. Promise each other to be honest, even if the truth can be unpleasant.

Spend time together, look for new experiences.

This advice is especially suitable for those who have been living together for a long time. You already know each other well, you are accustomed, perhaps, to live by certain rules, have established a life and are a bit bored with each other. Need to get rid of boredom and routine. Come up with joint activities, not necessarily limited to the standard options for couples, you can, for example, have a joint hobby.

Communicate on different topics.It often seems to us that we know our long-time partner as a peeled one, but then try pozadavat him various non-standard questions, and you will find out a lot of new, interesting, perhaps shocking about him.

Respect each other

No matter how long you live together, do not lose respect for each other. We need to respect each other’s desires, personal space and time that everyone needs, and so on. Have mutual obligations, but don’t push and demand from the partner what he cannot give.

Help each other

Love is not only romance and soaring in the clouds from overwhelming feelings, it is also the responsibility for your choice, for your partner. Mature love suggests that you are willing to sacrifice your time, money, etc., for the well-being of the one you love. Example: your loved one got sick. In love: you call, ask how are you, ask about your health, wish you a speedy recovery and hang up. Love: you will learn about the status of your partner, and then buy the right medicines and come to really help with something specific. Love implies care, readiness to help.

Diversify your love life

Few will argue that a great role in love is played by good sex. To get pleasure from it, you need to adjust to the peculiarities and desires of each other, not to be afraid to go for experiments, to be able to get rid of your tightness and sexual complexes, if there are any, to “turn off your head” and be given to sensations.

If habitual sex has become bored, you can try something else: new postures, spontaneous, unplanned contacts, role-playing games, etc.

Try to improve relationships using these tips. It is not necessary to follow everything: evaluate what exactly is missing in your relationship, and act.

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