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How to hide dirty hair

If you have oily hair, they get dirty very quickly and need daily washing, it is best to turn totrichologist. The doctor will explain you, how to properly care for your hair, what tools are best to apply, but which ones should be discarded. For carefor greasy hairfit products with extracts of sage, nettle, calamus, seaweed. Also suitable homemade masks, which include aloe juice, yogurt, decoctions chamomile, nettle, conditioner balsams containing vinegar, lemon juice, mustard

How to hide dirty hair

But if you have normal hair or mixed steel greasy, that is dirty, and there is no time to wash your hair, I recommend Use the following tips:

Make your hairs easy andput your hair in a shell. After combing your hair will be slightly fluffy, apply a little varnish and fasten hairstyle as you like the most. Shell - a great alternative horsetail, especially since the shell provides some pomp. Thanks to this hairstyle you can best hide dirty hair.

How to hide dirty hair

If you have long hair and in order to wash them and need a lot of time to dry - use the following trick. Separate bangs and several top strands from the main head of hair. The top strands and my bangs blow-dry, do hair and make sure that the top clean strands cover dirty hair. Shell andponytailin this case will look perfect.

How to hide dirty hair

For short hair is suitable such a temporary cleaning agent. asdry mustard(for brunettes) andflour(for blondes). Apply a small the amount of such a product on dirty dry hair, wipe off with a towel and thoroughly comb the flour or mustard out of the hair using a thick comb. Thanks to this method, you will be able to remove the oily shine of hair. You can still use lemon juice for temporary hair cleaning. From half a lemon squeeze the juice, apply a cotton swab to the hair, and then dry hair dryer

Remember not worth messy hairwind the curlerand curling hair, greasy hair is heavy and will not look bulky. Ponytail also not an option - smoothly combed hair will only emphasize the oily sheen.

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