How does an orchid reproduce at home?

Homemade orchids are amazing plants that can decorate any interior with their amazingly large and bright orchids reproduceIn order to carry out effective cultivation of these beautiful plants, it is necessary to know how orchids reproduce. In principle, it is technologically easy to do: an ordinary city apartment is perfect for breeding and requires a minimum of tools and materials. You just need to learn how to grow an orchid, and show a little patience and attention to your home plants. You will succeed!

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The main types of breeding orchids: cuttings

At home, orchids multiply vegetatively: cuttings, dividing the bush or "air" kids. Grafting is applied to species with long shoots (for example, dendrobium), usually it is produced in the first two months of spring. How the orchid breeds - the photo clearly demonstrates it.The shoot is cut into parts so that 2-4 buds remain on each process, and their length is on average 7 cm. After this, the orchid cuttings are placed in small containers with a mixture of moss peat and moist sand, and the kidney should be above the substrate surface. . The container is covered, and the soil is moistened, but not poured: excess moisture will adversely affect the cuttings. After two or three months, young plants will appear from the buds, which can be carefully separated from the cutting, trying not to damage their root system, and transplanted into pots.

How to grow orchids: division of the bush

orchid breeding photoUsually, plants are divided by division with a sympodial form of development: cattleya, miltonia, oncidium. For this type of breeding suitable plants with young buds and good roots. The division is made from March to May, that is, when the intensive vegetation and growth of young roots begin. The plant is gently pulled out of the tank, carefully releasing its root system from the soil, removing the dead bad processes, and then cutting the orchid into several parts with a sharp knife (or shears). Sections are sprinkled with charcoal and then the seedling is placed in a separate small container.During the reproduction of cymbidium, only leafless old shoots are cut and placed in the moss (division of the whole flower may delay its flowering).

How to grow an orchid: air kids

How does Orchid Cake breed?In some species, on the generative or vegetative shoots, keiks (“airy kids”) grow, which can be separated from the plant and planted in a separate pot. This procedure is carried out when the daughter shoots grow up and become about 2-3 cm long. Usually, aerial babies appear in such types of orchids as dendrobium, phalaenopsis Lyuddemann, dressed calanth, tuna marshal, etc. Show some patience and care for the child's shoot, and you will have a new, beautiful orchid. Reproduction: photo clearly shows cut slice.

Peculiarities of orchid seed propagation

orchid breeding photo flowerSeed propagation is quite difficult to carry out at home. In order for the seeds to emerge, use a well-moistened substrate of chopped moss. They are placed in the soil in rows, not sprinkled with earth. The development of flowers requires a temperature of 22 to 25 ° C and high humidity. After the appearance of the first leaf, the seedlings dive into the soil consisting of peat and chopped moss (1: 1).Re-picking is carried out after the eruption of the second leaf (add fern roots to the soil). And with the formation of 4 leaves, young plants are transplanted into permanent pots.

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