How to grow long hair at home: tips, masks, recipes and reviews

Luxury long hair! Is this not the ultimate dream of any young lady? And let the stylists convince us as much as possible that at the peak of popularity today are short haircuts, we all secretly dream of a thick pile of hair, a brilliant waterfall falling on our to grow long hair at homeBut how to grow long hair at home? It even happens that you go around the hairdresser’s party for a couple of months and don’t cut the ends, so that one day you will notice an increased length. But the mirror is not happy again and is not impressive.

That's right, and will not please. Because not every one of us knows how to grow long hair at home. And in fact, how? Here we will talk about it now.

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First of all, you need to learn how to properly handle your hair.And here it doesn’t even matter whether they are tormenting you with questions about how to grow long beautiful hair, or is completely satisfied with a trendy short haircut. The main thing for any woman is the health of the locks. Then there will be less problems. And for it to be, you need to follow simple recommendations.

  • You need to wash your hair 1-2 times a week, at least. It is possible more often.
  • You should choose shampoos that fit your hair type. If they are dry and brittle, then look for the means for such.
  • The washing process should be accompanied by a scalp massage. Many, because of eternal haste, neglect this rule, but act according to the scheme: wetted, nursed, rinsed. Especially such an algorithm of actions is characteristic of a strong half of humanity. But many of them are also looking for the answer to the question: how to grow long hair for to grow long hair for men
  • Do not forget about the secrets of rinsing. Rinse the hair preferably not with warm, but with cool water. This will give them silkiness and shine.
  • Combing your curls should be as often as possible. It is advisable to use a brush for this purpose. After all, no wonder it is called massage. Massage perfectly strengthens the hair.
  • It is worth using a variety of special tools.Most often they are applied before washing the hair. But there are others. They apply already on clean, just washed hair. However, the rule here applies: masks are used before washing, and balms - after. Although there are exceptions.

It is better to take these recommendations as a rule and never to deviate from it.

Features of hair growth

Many of us ask ourselves how to grow very long hair without knowing anything about their growth. But such information will be useful. Knowledge is, as we know, power. It all depends on the state of the follicle. These are the hair follicles from which the hair grows. The length of your curls will depend on their chemical state. And not only it, but also the appearance and structure.

In general, the scheme of life of hair is as follows. It consists of 3 stages. Hair actively grow 3-5 years. Then their growth slows down. The period of such hair anabiosis lasts about 3 months. Then the hair falls out, and in its place a new one appears. If you are okay with health and scalp, the new curls will grow pretty quickly. You will not need to look for an answer to the question of how to grow long thick hair.With a balance of factors responsible for hair growth, problems with curls are not observed. Usually hair grows a couple of centimeters per month. If you apply special tools, you can significantly speed up this process.

But often this situation happens: old hair falls out, but new ones do not appear. That is, they, of course, appear, but grow so slowly that you are horrified to state a fact: your hair has become sparse, and your hair has lost volume. And here on the agenda the question looms: how to grow long hair at home?

Causes of curl growth

Before answering it, let's look at the factors that affect the length of our to grow long hair reviews

What does hair growth depend on?

  1. Primarily from heredity and from the genetic type. There is nothing you can do, against nature, whatever one may say, you will not go. Although quality care largely eliminates this factor.
  2. Growth is also affected by age. Do not open America, if we say that after 40 hair grows slower. So, we must treat them with increased care.
  3. Pay attention to your lifestyle. Your hair is a kind of indicator that reflects your habits and daily routine.If you do not get enough sleep all the time, smoke a lot, experience stress, then you should not be surprised that you have the last memories of your hair on your head. Where does the hair take the necessary strength to grow? In addition, this lifestyle threatens and health problems.
  4. By the way about the state of our body. I mean, about health. Internal diseases also affect hair growth. Therefore, if you are interested in how to grow long hair at home, you must first establish the reason for their slow growth. For example, in metabolic disorders or diseases of the endocrine system is a common occurrence. Here, without the advice of a specialist can not do in any way. And first of all, it is not the hair that should be treated, but the main disease. However, it is also not necessary to forget about curls. Quality care has not hurt anyone.
  5. Proper nutrition. Sometimes all the problems lie in our diet. Rigid diets, failure to follow a food culture (it can be both dry food and snacks in a hurry), refusal from any products and lack of vitamins - all this does not have the best effect on the skin of our head. It's time to revise your diet.And what it should be, we now know.

Nutrition Secrets

Do you want tips on how to grow long hair? Then listen to what nutritionists say. And they are all convinced that our appearance (whether skin condition or haircut) depends on what we eat during the to grow long healthy hair

No matter how we treat the hair from the outside, if they don’t get nutrition from the inside, there’s no sense. You can use the most innovative masks or try on yourself the most up-to-date procedures in hairdressing salons, but they will give only external, and most importantly - temporary result.

But our balanced diet will help return and shine, and volume. In addition, it significantly affects hair growth. Especially should pay attention to the vitamins. These are our indispensable helpers, the correct use of which gives effective results.

Vitamins: showing a sense of proportion

Today, pharmacies are literally bursting with plenty of these funds. But one thing should be remembered: such dietary supplements and complexes are not identical to vitamins derived from natural products. If you really want to learn how to grow long hair, reviews can help you with this.Listen to the opinions of people who already have personal experience. And they argue that taking pharmaceutical preparations is fraught with overdose. This is understandable. You will not eat a lot of natural products, the feeling of fullness will immediately let you know that it is time to stop eating. But taking vitamin complexes, especially with a fanatical desire to achieve results in a short time, can cause the temptation to exceed the norm. And instead of one capsule, we already swallow 2, or even all 5. So, those who are trying to achieve a long head of hair in this way should be remembered: overdose in such cases threatens with the exact opposite result. Instead of accelerated growth you can get hair loss.

We select a vitamin complex

Thus, it is better to give preference to natural vitamins. Supplements, of course, are not prohibited, but they must be taken with caution.

So, want to learn how to grow long healthy hair? Then let's deal with vitamins. Each of them has its own purpose.

  • how to grow long beautiful hairVitamin A. It is he who will stimulate the growth of your hair, as well as affect their appearance. Agree, long, but dull and brittle hair is unlikely to allow you to look attractive.Fortunately, the vitamin is held in the body for a long time, and there is it in the fish liver, in the yolks, butter, whole milk. It is in one piece. Skim milk can not boast a large amount of this element. Also, green, yellow, red vegetables and fruits contain this vitamin. It is believed that it is better to use it with oil, since A is a fat-soluble element. So enjoy yourself with a salad or sandwich.
  • Vitamin C. Here you should pay attention to products with sourness. Sauerkraut, black currant, citrus - that's where this vitamin is hidden. It improves blood circulation, nourishes the follicles, and thus accelerates hair growth.
  • A group of vitamins B is also beneficial for curls. They will grow much faster. Therefore, more often eat black bread, seeds and legumes, give preference to cereals from uncleaned cereals.
  • Vitamin E. This element is responsible for the appearance of our hair. It prevents breakage and dullness. Eat nuts and seeds, then your curls will be shiny and elastic.
  • Vitamin N. Often this element is also called biotin. He restores the hair from the inside, cares about their structure.In addition, biotin slows down the process of their loss.

On the way to long hair

With food, we figured out. Now let's talk about other important little things that affect the growth of curls.

  1. Give your hair freedom. In other words, discard the use of gum, even if soft, all kinds of "crabs" and "bananas." Stabbing hair, you thereby deform their structure and, as a result, weaken them. As a result, their growth slows down. But loose hair is so beautiful. And note, it is useful for their growth.
  2. Hygienic and caring means is better to choose one series. Then the impact will be complex. Today, a huge number of natural shampoos, balms and other drugs. They, as a rule, do not contain such a substance harmful to our hair as lauryl sulfate.
  3. Refuse to blow-dry. Well, remember our grandmothers who, before retirement, wore a thick shock of hair and did not even hear of any hair dryer. Wet hair is better to wrap a large towel and keep it for 15-20 minutes. And then use a smaller towel to dry individual strands. If you want to achieve volume, tilt your head down and loop through the curls with your fingers.In addition, the styling means has not been canceled. They also give pomp.
  4. Do not forget about the massage. The simplest exercise that stimulates blood circulation in the scalp is brushing. It is necessary to do at least a hundred movements in the direction of hair growth and as much against the direction of growth.

This is one of the most elementary, but important rules. However, not the only ones for those who want to know how to grow long hair. Recipes herbal decoctions that can be used for rinsing, too, will be useful.
how to grow long hair masks

When herbs come to the rescue

Still wondering how to grow long hair? Reviews of many women talk about the benefits of rinse, which can be done independently. After all, folk remedies have always been famous for their efficiency. They are also attracted by the fact that they never cause harm. Let's try?

  • Grind the leaves of ivy and add half a liter of water. Hold on the fire for 10 minutes. Cool the broth to use for rinsing. You can simply rub into the scalp. Ivy can be replaced by burdock root. Technology cooking infusion is the same.
  • You can be treated and a complex of herbs.For example, take the same burdock, calendula (flowers) and hops (cones). It will take only 1 tablespoon of plants and a liter of water. 15 minutes to boil. After our potion has cooled, you can use it. Broth rubbed into the scalp, while it does not wash off, otherwise you can forget about the therapeutic effect.

True, easy? But the result is obvious.

How to grow long hair: masks

Why not make your curls happy with a complex of medical procedures? Do you want to add masks to broths?

  • From beer and protein. In a glass of beer add whipped whites. Apply to the roots, and then with a comb spread over the entire length of the hair. Put a polyethylene bag on the head and a towel on top. After 45 minutes, wash off. You can water, and you can shampoo.
  • 2 tablespoons of honey mixed with any oil (especially effective castor or burdock), add a little brandy (a teaspoon) and 2 yolks. Don't forget the yeast (just a little bit). All must be thoroughly stirred and heated. Put on the head and cover it with a towel. Hold the mask for an hour and then rinse with shampoo.

How to grow long hair for men?

And what about our macho? After all, they, too, sometimes dream of a long head of hair.For some, this is a way of expression, for someone image. There can be many reasons, but one question: how can a guy grow long hair?

how to grow very long hair

Actually, all the above recommendations are suitable for them. True, there are several nuances.

  • Shampoos should be selected only for men. Still, women's curls and men's hair - this is not the same thing.
  • It is important to determine your hair type, because it will depend on the frequency of washing. Some representatives may need to wash their hair daily.
  • It is necessary to think about the stimulants, from which men, for the most part, refuse. Take, for example, whey. For its preparation requires a minimum of hassle, and the effect it gives is amazing.
  • Doctors-trichologists recommend men and special injections. In parallel with them are used drugs.
  • There is another way: natural or artificial hair is attached to the skull with special hooks. But this is an amateur. It is better to grow hair naturally.

As you can see, it is quite possible to succeed and hit the surrounding thick and long shovel of hair. But for this you need not to be lazy and take care of your curls. And then they will surely make you happy.

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