How to glue the glue "moment"?

Things that surround people often break down: shoes become unstuck, furniture breaks, plates crack ... But what to do when the “trouble” has already happened, how to connect the thing so that it can serve us? People, of course, use glue. Today we will talk about different types of Moment glue. But how to glue “Moment” with glue so that the glued things serve us more than once? Read the answer in our article!

What types of adhesives are and why

  • Clay moment carpenter. This glue is made on the basis of the usual to us, PVA, plasticizer, as well as various dyes and additives. You can use this glue to glue all kinds of wood, plywood, chipboard, veneer, cardboard, laminate, fabric, accessories and leather. The color of the glue is also suitable for the tree itself, so it is almost invisible.
  • Glue moment gel. Probably, not only usual pasting, but also combined. Glues: cardboard, paper, foam rubber, fabric, leather, rubber, metal, wood, glass, ceramics, porcelain, plastic and other materials. But they are forbidden to glue any material on which food will fall.
  • Glue moment mounting. This adhesive is transparent in appearance, quick-drying and water-resistant.It is used for bonding: soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, porcelain, plastic, ceramics, wood, glass, rubber, leather, paper, foam rubber, cardboard. But they also do not need to glue dishes food and polyethylene with polypropylene.

Today we are talking about such an irreplaceable glue as Super Moment glue, but how else can it be called? For example, "shoe". Glue intended for shoes can be glued by no means one shoe. An experienced home owner can glue a stool or chair with this glue. You can also glue: leather, metal, paper, rubber, glass and many other materials. We can glue with this glue even materials of different composition, for example, wood and metal.

How to glue

Glue moment is a toxic glue, so it should be used with caution. Of course, now it is not as dangerous as the first moment Moment. But still children do not need to give it. The fact is that inappropriate handling can cause irritation of the eyes, skin and respiratory organs.

Glue “Moment - PVA” is called more favorable for health and recommended for use by children and adolescents, but still we recommend using rubber gloves when using it and not inhale the vapors of this glue.But if the glue got into your eyes, you should rinse them well with water and contact your doctor immediately. When using an adhesive containing volatile solvents, ventilate the room for a long time. Smoking is prohibited, as a sudden and even very small spark can trigger a fire.

Adhesive moment refers to contact adhesives. These adhesives are made either on rubber or on a polyurethane basis. It is used, both for porous, and for dense materials.

Rules for working with glue moment

Where there will be a place of gluing, we rub with an emery paper (this procedure is very useful and effective for smooth surfaces - metal, plastic). It is also very important to degrease the surface itself. This can be done with acetone. If the surface is porous, then it is necessary to remove dust from it, if possible, then we clean it with emery paper too.

Glue should be applied with a thin layer. We do this as soon as possible. It is very convenient to use when gluing with a thin stick, for example, a toothpick or an awl. When you need to smear a large surface, then drip glue on it and quickly spread it either with the back of a pencil, or with a disposable brush.This is very important when using the glue "Moment Universal".

After you have missed the desired surface with glue, leave it alone for about five minutes. Also, it’s not worth doing dusty work when sticking something together, because it can impair adhesion. When you use Super-Moment glue, it is important to leave the glued thing alone for twenty-four hours.

It is important to calculate everything before gluing, because if it is not glued correctly, it will not be possible to fix it. You can also use the load when gluing, it is very important not only the amount of time, but also the weight of the load, which presses on the glued object.

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