How to get your neighbors?

We must live together with our neighbors so that you will not spoil their lives for them either, and they will be for you. But what to do when the neighbors do not understand this and harm you as soon as they can? If conversations and requests do not give any result, then involuntarily you begin to think about how to annoy such neighbors. Consider a few ways to get your neighbors. These methods are offered by different Internet users. We warn you that some of them may be considered hooliganism, which means that you may have to answer for your actions before the law. The author of the article and the site are not responsible for the consequences of using these methods. Be careful and prudent, think before you do.

How to get your neighbors: ways

  • When neighbors are noisy and do not calm down, the most popular way of dealing with them is, of course, their own weapon. Well, if at home there is a powerful stereo and large speakers. This kind of music is suitable for the neighbor's hassle: hard metal; a silly popular song, preferably with a nasty vocal; something with an energetic rhythm, so that after a few auditions, it is “dug” in the brain.We put the speakers as close as possible to the neighbor's wall, turn on our musical masterpiece, and if necessary, put it on repeat. At the very beginning, the music can be turned on for a short time, but if the neighbors do not calm down, then you can leave the music on and go to work. Also there were special discs with unpleasant sounds (iron creak, sound of stamping and disco, drill), you can buy one and arrange a whole concert. The way is bad because you will interfere with other neighbors who are not guilty of anything.
  • If neighbors make noise at a certain time, and early in the morning, for example, they sleep soundly, then do not take the time and energy for their re-education during this period. Somewhere in the 4-5 am start calling to their door and do not lag until you open. When you open it, innocently ask your neighbors about how the protracted celebration went on or how the match ended, which they commented so loudly on (insert it). Especially the neighbors are infuriated by your calm and perseverance.
  • Drill - another way of sound terror neighbors. Everything is clear here - we are actively drilling the wall that is closest to the neighbors.
  • How to get your neighbors? Cats will help revenge neighbors.Take a valerian, pour over the neighbor's front door with it and a rug in front of it. Then invite two, and preferably three cats. Free cat concert to your neighbors is provided.
  • Glue can glue the mat to the floor, the door and much more. Neighbors will be "pleased."
  • The cruel way to get your neighbors is to use raw eggs. Smash 2-3 eggs, mix their contents and draw into a syringe. Then, using a syringe, eggs can be left in the most inaccessible places - in doorways, corners, etc. After a while, they will start to go out and stink. It is impossible to live with such a smell, and it is very difficult, almost impossible to remove it.
  • If the door of the neighbors opens inwards, then you can take a strong rope and use it to tie the door handle to the railing, and then get the neighbors by ringing the door. They will try to open it, but, as you understand, attempts will be unsuccessful.
  • Another cruel way: to get the blood of an animal (you can ask in the market) and pour the door of a neighbor over it. Another option to make a "pleasant" surprise is to put excrement under a door of the neighbors in a newspaper.
  • Douse the front door handle with soapy water.This makes it difficult to open or close the door.
  • Buy silicate glue, add soot or silverfish to it, and then cover the peephole of the neighboring door with this mixture.
  • Post a false announcement of any content on the Internet or local newspapers with a neighboring phone number.

Of course, there are many more ways to get our neighbors; we have considered only a few. However, try to solve the problem in a peaceful way. After all, if the neighbors find out that you are taking revenge on them, they can start taking revenge on you in return.

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