How to get yellow?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 12, 2012
How to get yellow?

Any person who is engaged in drawing is well acquainted with the rules of mixing paints and knows how from the paints he has he can get the color needed in the work. This is a very important skill that allows you to get the maximum range of different shades, not to mention the colors, having a minimum number of original colors on hand.

Those who have just recently started painting do not yet know all the laws of mixing paints and therefore ask themselves how to get yellow. What colors should be mixed for this? Let's find the answer to this question.

How to get yellow with other colors? Unfortunately, this is not possible. There are three colors of colors that are called primary. These include: red, blue and yellow. These colors are primary because by mixing them together in a certain ratio, all other colors are obtained. But from other colors it is impossible to get the main color!

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