How to get to Orenburg?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
January 12, 2015
How to get to Orenburg?

The city of Orenburg occupies the 29th place among Russian cities by area, and its area is equal to 123.7 thousand square meters. km Orenburg belongs to the administrative center of the Orenburg region and is located clearly on the South Urals on the famous Ural River. Arable and forage lands occupy almost half of the land of this settlement, the city is considered to be one of the best agricultural cities in Russia to the poet.

It is here that students and interns who graduated from agricultural educational institutions should come.

Travel to Orenburg

There are three ways by which you can get to Orenburg from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in the country.

  • Railway. Thanks to trains and the whole railway, this type of transport is the leader in passenger transportation. Therefore, from Moscow to Orenburg can be reached by six different train routes. All of them depart from the Kazan station. In addition to regular flights from Moscow, there are also passing trains that run at intervals of not more than 2-4 hours.The distance between these cities by rail is 1462 km, and the time to overcome it ranges from 25 to 30 hours. From St. Petersburg to Orenburg there should be only one flight in two days (departure from Moskovsky railway station), the duration of the trip is about 48 hours.
  • Air transport. One of the main airports in Moscow is Domodedovo Airport, from which aircraft fly regularly to Orenburg and arrive at the International Airport of the city. The distance on the overhead line is 1250 km, and the duration of the flight is no more than 2 hours.
  • Motor transport. The distance along the motorways from Moscow to Orenburg is 1,441 km. Movement occurs on the highway M5. Traveling by car takes up to 25 hours. On the bus, this time may take up to 30 hours. But from St. Petersburg, you will have to spend 38-40 hours on the bus, driving first along the M10 highway to Moscow and the rest of the route - along the M5 highway. The length of the path will be equal to 2185 km.

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