How to get to Ladoga station?

Ladozhsky railway station is a major transportation hub and the most modern railway station in St. Petersburg. The station mainly serves the north and east directions. Let's figure out how to get to Ladoga station.


To get to Ladozhsky railway station by metro is the fastest, because in this case you avoid potential traffic jams and delays at traffic lights. The station is located at the station of the same name "Ladozhskaya" metro station (orange line), while it is important to note that the station is organized in such a way that you can get into the station building without going up the street.

Choose the best metro route will help you service "". Specify the departure station in the "From" column, and the "Ladoga" station in the "To" column, the service will select the best route with the minimum number of transfers and the minimum time spent on the trip.

Ground transportation

If you are far from the subway, and the time of day does not have to traffic jams, it is likely that it will be faster to get to the station by road.Through the station pass all types of ground transportation, trolley buses № 1 and 22, trams № 8, 10,59,64, as well as more than 30 buses and taxis.

Determine the best route for ground transportation depending on the location will help you. Press the "Directions" button, in the "From" column indicate your location, in the "Where to" - "Ladozhsky railway station", press Enter, and the service will give you a list of routes from which you can choose the most convenient.


Taxis, of course, the most comfortable way to get to the station, although, of course, it will be the most expensive. In addition, it is important to understand that taxis are not insured against traffic jams.

Personal car

To get to the station, of course, you can also on your car, but again, remember about traffic problems, and besides, you should know that there are always parking problems at the station. Ladozhsky railway station is located at 73 Zanevsky Avenue, you can simply enter this address in the navigator and it will lead you to your destination.

From airport

There are quite convenient ways to get to the Ladozhsky railway station from the airports of St. Petersburg.

Pulkovo-1: get on the bus or minibus No. 39 to the Moskovskaya metro station (blue line), go down to the subway, proceed to the station Tekhnologicheskiy Institute-2 (blue line),go to "Technological Institute-1" (red line), go to Vladimir (red line), now go to "Dostoevskaya" (orange line) and proceed to "Ladozhskaya" (orange line).

Pulkovo-2: take bus number 13 or route taxis No. 39-A, K-3 or K-113 to Moskovskaya metro station, and then repeat the path described in the method of moving from Pulkovo-1.

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