How to get social housing? Provision of social housing

When the economy of our country was not a market economy, butplanned, then all those in need had the right to receive social housing. How to get it today and is there any real opportunity for this? Strangely enough, the answer to this question is positive. But for this it is necessary to wait for years, but rather, even for decades. And it should be noted that these opportunities are not available to every citizen.

social housing how to get

Definition of social housing

To begin with, you need to take into account that social housingis granted to a low-income citizen of the Russian Federation on the basis of employment. It can be documented by the state or the municipality. This practice was in effect until the privatization was authorized in our country, after it all municipal housing was privatized.

Unfortunately, the construction of social housingis practically not carried out, and those objects that were erected in the last century are either occupied or in an emergency condition. Nevertheless, a certain category of the population of our country can apply for residence under a contract of employment. But for this, of course, you need to enroll in the queue, then wait for it to come up, and there will be a release of the dwelling only in case of eviction of the debtor or someone who systematically violates the established rules of residence.

Who has the right to apply for social housing

Far from everyone can count on socialhousing. How to get it is a secondary issue. First, you should determine who can claim it. First, these are the families that received the status of the poor. To do this, you need to provide evidence that the family has a combined income divided by each member, below the subsistence level. Then it is worth contacting the city or district administration and proving that the family either does not have any property at all, or its size is not enough for living (see below).

social housing program

In addition, there is a preferential line, that is, the provision of social housing is carried out in the first place:

  1. Graduates of the orphanage, orphans who do not have parents.
  2. Residents of houses that are not suitable for living and recognized as emergency.
  3. For people with chronic diseases (oncology, tuberculosis, epilepsy, insane).

By the way, if in an apartment with a poor familylives a neighbor with chronic diseases, then she also has the right to social housing. Only it is worth considering that first you need to collect a lot of documents and wait many years or decades.

The norm in square meters per person

So, it often happens that the family hasproperty housing, but its size does not match the number of people living in it. To improve housing conditions, of course, there is no financial opportunity. In such cases, the question arises as to how social housing can be obtained.

According to the 50th article of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation,The minimum size of the living space is determined by the local municipality. That is, in each region these limits can differ significantly from each other. For example, in the Nizhny Novgorod region, if there are more than three people in the family, each must have at least 18 square meters. m, if there are different-sex children, then each of them should have an isolated room. If conditions are not met, then a low-income family can claim square meters for social hiring.

But, so that a poor family can get housing,The living area on which she currently lives should be less than 10 square meters. m. per person, this is the minimum across the country. By 6 square. m. per person receive families with whom the contract of social hiring, evicted for non-payment of public services, was terminated, that is, they can count on a room in the hostel.

how to get social housing

Who can be considered a poor family

To begin with, you need to indicate that the family is acceptedconsider a circle of persons related by kinship, while living in the same area and leading a joint farm. They also manage money together. The composition of the family may be different - they are spouses with or without children, single parents, guardians and custodians. The bottom line is that this family does not have the opportunity to provide itself with housing independently, including to take out and repay the housing loan.

So, to determine the income of the family, you needcalculate the income for the last three months, this is wages, and benefits, and pensions. Do not take into account benefits, surcharges to pensions and proceeds from the sale of products grown on their own site. All payments for three months should be summed up and divided first by three, then by the number of people living in the family.

If, as a result, the amount is below the subsistence level, then you should apply with the application to the social protection department.

social housing

Execution of documents

How to get social housing? In addition to iron patience, a number of documents will be needed. To queue up for social housing, it is necessary to bring:

  • statement;
  • Identity documents for all family members;
  • documents confirming income;
  • information about the presence of a chronic illness;
  • extracts from the Unified State Register for the whole family;
  • conclusion of the commission on the recognition of housing emergency.

This is not the final list of documents. In the administration, that is, in the housing commission, which should submit all the certificates, may demand that some more papers be presented.

how can I get social housing

The difference between commercial employment and social

Today, those families that can notsome circumstances to buy their own housing or take a housing loan, prefer as an alternative to commercial hiring. That is, rent an apartment for a fee to its owner. But the program "Social housing" is significantly different in its characteristics.

The benefit of social hiring is thatthe tenant pays only utilities and does not pay any extra money for a meal. And it is worth noting that a low-income family can not bear the cost of renting a dwelling due to lack of financial opportunity.

But the area of ​​housing for social hiringthere can not be more than is necessary for each member of the family separately. In addition, the term of exploitation of social housing is not limited in the event that residents comply with a number of conditions.

In general, the program "Social housing for poor citizens" compares favorably with commercial hiring in financial terms. But there is a significant drawback - it will take a long time to wait.

provision of social housing

What are the requirements for housing

What should be social housing? How to get decent conditions for living, and what general requirements should be observed in a dwelling:

  • The living quarters should comply with the norms of the BTI and the requirements of the sanitary service;
  • The room should be residential, that is, it is an isolated room, not a loggia, a bathroom, a corridor or a kitchen;
  • housing by area should not exceed the norm for each member of the family;
  • if housing is provided to a person with disabilities, then it is permissible to exceed the norm of the area.

Rules of operation

You need to know not only how you can get social housing, but also how to use it.

There are a number of rules:

  • communal services are paid by the tenants;
  • all family members have equal rights to operate a dwelling;
  • the tenant has the right to increase the composition of the family, after an agreement with the landlord, for example, to bring a relative on temporary living conditions;
  • if the employer is temporarily absent - this is not a ground for termination of the contract;
  • the employer has the right to demand the provision of public services in accordance with the contract;
  • The tenant should use the accommodation only for living.

Terms of the contract

The last question is - during what period canto exploit social housing, how to get it for life. But once it is worth noting that if there is no reason to terminate the contract between the landlord and the tenant, the period is not limited. That is, you can live on a municipal living space for life.

But only in the event that the employer observes the rules of operation. That is, it regularly pays for utilities, because with arrears of more than 6 months tenants can be evicted.

construction of social housing

In addition, the grounds for eviction may beviolation of public order, use of premises in commercial or other purposes not specified in the terms of the contract. Damage to property, including common property, also leads to the termination of the contract of employment.

Now it is clear why one can wait for many years, when they will provide social housing, because municipal houses are practically not built, and there are not so many grounds for eviction.

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