How to get rid of fume?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 1, 2012
How to get rid of fume?

From time to time, many people have to wonder about how to get rid of fume. The problem, it is worth noting, is really serious. In the morning after a merry party, very often someone has to get behind the wheel, someone has a hard working day, and someone is the husband of a woman who simply cannot stand this “flavor”.

So, how to get rid of fume in the morning? Let's start with a quick way, however, not very effective. To be more precise, its effectiveness is limited by too short an action time. As a rule, in order to ATTRACT (namely, dulling, and not getting rid of) the fume, something must be chewed.

Fast but inefficient

How to get rid of the smell of fume? Very well mask the smell of coffee beans. The more aromatic the variety of coffee selected, the longer the effect will be.

Mint and parsley help in the fight against fume.These herbs have a pretty strong smell, so with their help you can easily disguise another. Another remedy for eliminating fume is seasoning cloves. However, pay attention to the fact that you need to take a dead clove.

We considered the option of how to get rid of fumes quickly. Now we will introduce you to a more efficient way, but also quite tedious.

Long but effective

As soon as you wake up, be sure to drink some water (in the largest possible volumes). It is best to drink not plain tap water, but mineral water mixed with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. If there is no possibility for any reason to prepare such a drink, you can do with ordinary green tea or brine.

The next step on the path of getting rid of fume is physical activity. Sweat removes aldehydes well, so the “sick” should move actively. To stimulate perspiration, charging for five to ten minutes is enough. It would be nice to go for a run, however, you should not strain the cardiovascular system, if you feel very bad.

After this coming water procedures.Contrast shower is great. After physical exertion, you just need to get rid of sweat, which exudes the smell of fumes. And in general, the shower contributes to the emergence of new forces and improvement of well-being. To clean the teeth is best to use mint paste.

Very little is left on the path to ultimate healing. After a shower, rub vigorously with a towel, put on clean clothes. The last point is a must, since the smell of sweat containing aldehydes is a very persistent thing. You can get rid of it only after washing.

To solve the problem, how to get rid of fumes, we recommend using an integrated approach. It is worth to use both methods described.

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