How to get rid of corns on the toes

Wet corns and old tenacious slants are a hot issue for many people of different age groups. Constant friction and pressure traumatize the skin, causing redness, rejection of the upper layer of the damaged dermis, dehydration of tissues. Lack of proper care for an unwanted defect of the foot will lead to thickening of the skin, peeling.

To get rid of corns and corns on the toes at home, you can use self-made or pharmacy medical formulations, from a pedicure master using special tools or in a medical institution. The choice depends not only on the wishes, but also on the degree of damage to the dermis. The main thing - to take timely action.

Types of calluses and corns

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The influence of various external and internal processes on the feet provokes skin injury. I will list the most frequent problems.

  1. Soft corns. Happen in the form of scuffed or convex and watery.Prolonged friction of the skin against something provokes the appearance of this type of corns. They may burst, bleed. Penetration into such a corn infection provokes a local inflammatory reaction, which without proper treatment can cause deeper infection of the tissues, the purulent focus.
  2. Hardened assists. Painful or atrophied thickening of the skin gray or yellow, sometimes having a rod and cracks of different depths. Occurrence due to accumulation of dead cells. Constant rubbing of the dermis, pressure on a certain area disrupts blood circulation, increasing keratinization of tissues. Natoptysh interfere externally, but it is possible and a burning sensation, pain, if the core was formed.

The frequency of occurrence of injuries on the skin, their localization and appearance depend on the degree of sensitivity of the dermis and the mass of factors that are not of secondary importance.

Causes of

  • Wrong shoes. Tight ballet flats, high-heeled shoes, sneakers with a stiff shoe - all this leads to an uneven distribution of weight, impaired blood circulation in the foot, and mechanical damage to the skin.
  • Some chronic diseases, nervous disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, problems with blood vessels. For example: diabetes affects the inhibition of metabolism, the appearance of excess weight, it is difficult to heal skin damage.
  • Overweight. Excessive load on the feet provokes injury to the dermis.
  • Flatfoot. Deformity of the foot should be treated according to the recommendations of the orthopedist.
  • Viruses, fungal diseases. Therapy includes antimicrobial drugs.
  • Diseases of organs and systems. For example: a dysfunction of the liver provokes the frequent appearance of corns under the little finger of the right foot. Tenants on the big toes may indicate thyroid disease. In such conditions, the local treatment of dry corns is ineffective.
  • Hobbies and professional activities. Runners and ballerinas often suffer from corns and corns.

In medicine, this problem is called hyperkeratosis, and the doctor-podolog deals with its treatment.

How to get rid of dry corns

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Depending on the place of formation of the sling, size and presence of the rod, the treatment method is chosen.Self-therapy is not always effective, salon procedures help to achieve a good result, and it is possible to influence the feet as deeply as possible by means of medical treatment.

The use of drugs against corns involves the preliminary steaming of the skin to maximize the penetration of active ingredients. Bath for steaming is prepared with the addition of sea salt, soda, soap solution, essential oils, potassium permanganate. After it, the softened dry callus is removed with the help of pumice or a special nail file. It is useful to use a scrub.

Pharmacy products

Pharmaceutical preparations are applied to cleansed skin. It is necessary to use exclusively the place of corns, avoiding the application of keratolic composition on healthy skin.

  • "Antimozolin". The ointment is applied daily with a thick layer on a dry callus, fixed with a plaster. It softens the hardened growths and allows them to be permanently removed.
  • Salicylic ointment. And drugs based on it, for example, Bensalitin. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Take a plaster and make a hole in it no larger than a corn.Stick to the sling was visible. Apply plenty of ointment or cream to it. If he has a rod, fasten the dressing for a couple of days. After you can try to remove the corn root yourself. Treat the hole with antiseptic and wait for healing.
  • Keratolic patches. Stick only on dry calluses, so as not to damage healthy cells. Top fixed with adhesive tape.

Apply the drugs you need according to the instructions, preferably at night. In the morning of the foot, it is important to remember to wash and clean the softened corns with pumice.

Folk remedies

Self-made means are harmless, financially economical and effective. Self removal of corns at home is most effective if you use compresses. Effective products and compositions.

  • Soda-soap solution. Keep feet in it to steam out the sling. Alternative - mustard solution.
  • . A cut along the leaf is applied to the corn.
  • Celandine. Crushed for a compress.
  • Mother and stepmother. Sap plants lubricate the corn during the day.
  • Propolis. Mash and impose on the corn, fix with a bandage or plaster.
  • Gruel of potatoes and onions.Products can be used separately.
  • Ripe tomato. Grind before use, after generously apply a lot on the corn.
  • Lemon. Peel with a small amount of pulp chop up with a blender or meat grinder, make a compress.
  • . Can be used raw or steamed (the second option is preferable). Cut a thin plate from the piece and attach to the sling.
  • Prunes cooked in milk. Apply to hot corn.
  • Squeezed garlic mixed with lard. The effect of the composition is not less strong than the smell.
  • Crust of black bread dipped in vinegar. Used as a compress.
  • Onion Husk and Vinegar. In a glass container insist 150 grams of husk in 100 ml of table vinegar. The container should be hermetically sealed and placed in a dark place for 2 weeks. The lotion is used for the night.
  • Vegetable oil.In it to moisten cotton socks, and then put on the foot. Alternative: slightly heated olive, castor or linseed oil.
  • Vinegar. Saturate them with cotton wool, attach it to the corn and fix with adhesive tape.
  • Vodka. Application similar to vinegar.
  • Five aspirin tablets, 0.5 tsp. water, 0.5 tsp. lemon juice. Combine the ingredients in a homogeneous mass and apply over the corns for 15 minutes.

Cutting off corns, applying to the skin of aggressive compounds is excluded.These compositions are better to use at night, unless otherwise indicated. After fixing lotions and compresses, wear cellophane on the feet and woolen socks on top. This will speed up getting the desired result. After each application of any of the above recipes, use a greasy or children's cream for treating the skin of the feet.

Video Tips

The lack of a permanent effect and a regular return to home treatment of corns should be alerted. Contact the clinic for diagnosis and final callus removal.

Removal in the cabin

In the process of manual and hardware pedicure, an experienced master is able to clean the feet from the corns. With the help of professional tools and tools, he gently polishes problem areas of the skin without affecting new cells. For the procedure, the master can use:

  • softening compounds;
  • nail files of low abrasiveness;
  • various nozzles that remove dead skin cells.

The painful sensations with the correct technique of removing dry calluses are excluded. Do not contact the salon, if tormented by the tenants with deep rods. Not every pedicure master has the equipment and experience to remove them.

Water corns

It is impossible to remove a fresh corn that is filled with liquid by puncture.Sterile needle does not exclude infection of the wound. It should be smeared with green paint and expect self-resorption. Alternative - hydrogen peroxide. After treatment with an antiseptic, seal the damaged skin with adhesive tape to prevent accidental injury.

To speed up the process of resorption of water corn will help compress a grinded raw potatoes. Instead, use chopped into small gruel plants, for example, horse sorrel, plantain, calendula flowers. Inflamed corns are treated with compresses of chamomile, calendula or sage tincture.

Medical methods for removing paints

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Regularly regenerating calluses and corns with a rod are removed with medical care. The clinics use 3 effective ways to solve the problem.

  1. Laser. The procedure is painless, effective. The laser, in addition to removing the stratum corneum, produces a disinfecting effect. The core and dead tissue are removed in a few minutes without a trace.
  2. A liquid nitrogen. After cryotherapy, coarse callus cells die off completely and fall off. The method is painful, but effective for removing corns with rods.
  3. Drilling. By means of a boron or a mill of the different sizes the corn is removed. The procedure is available in some beauty salons. Removal is painful and requires the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Regarding contraindications to the selected method, consult with a specialist.For example, laser removal of corns is unacceptable to perform with diabetes mellitus, open wounds on the foot.

Useful tips and prevention

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Follow the recommendations and the feet will look much better.

  • Periodically make foot baths that have a disinfecting, softening effect.
  • Remove dead skin in time, without waiting for the thickening of its layer.
  • After bathing, rub the feet with a hard towel, and in the shower make a special massage pad for the feet.
  • Spoil the legs with a daily massage with a nourishing cream that softens the lotion.
  • Choose shoes more meticulously, because the endless friction will not allow to get rid of corns.
  • Wear socks made of natural materials, it will reduce sweating feet. Sweat - provocateur rubbing.
  • Go barefoot often to stimulate the circulation of the feet.

Dry calluses can not be removed without patience and perseverance. Use the proposed recipes, and will certainly return to the legs the former beauty and tenderness.

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