How to get rid of a hickey?

Many people know what the red-brown marks on the chest or on the neck look like after a stormy night or a long kiss. Someone is proud of the zosos, showing to friends and girlfriends in secret, someone leaves him on purpose, and someone clings to his head in horror: what to do when he appeared. So, this article is for those whose plans absolutely do not include the demonstration of these traces, for those who want to get rid of the hickey quickly.

First you need to understand what is a hickey in terms of medicine. Zasos is the same bruise, scientifically, a hematoma, damage to the capillaries of the skin due to the vacuum, in this case a kiss. Such bruises can remain on any part of your body, but, of course, they cause the greatest discomfort in prominent places, for example, on the neck.

To get rid of the hickey, you can go two ways: disguise or cure.

Masking a hickey on the neck

Disguise, of course, does not solve the problem of how to get rid of the aspiration on the neck entirely, but this quickly and will help you hide the traces of passionate love from prying eyes. What can camouflage a bruise on your neck:

  1. Wear a turtleneck with a high throat, if it is cold during the year. Here you have to be very careful so that the bruise does not accidentally emerge from under the clothes.
  2. Wrap a scarf or neck around your neck. Fortunately, today there is a huge number of them of different sizes and volumes, both for women and men. It should pick up clothes of the appropriate style - and it's done.
  3. Apply adhesive tape. With a plaster, you can walk for several days, referring to a wound or a scratch left over from the claws of an evil cat or a burn from a curling iron (suitable for girls with long hair).
  4. Put on the foundation. More suitable for the beautiful half of humanity, having in the arsenal of similar cosmetics. Toner brighter shade can hide a small hickey. You can also dissolve the hair to the shaded place is not so conspicuous.
  5. Translated tattoo. This tool is most likely suitable for young ladies or those who are on holiday by the sea. Temporary tattoo closes the trail of hickey and at the same time draw attention to your person.

All of these remedies can be applied while you are undergoing the main treatment for this extremely delicate problem in the neck.

Neck suction treatment

  1. Cold.To quickly get rid of the hickey immediately after you notice that a red spot appears on your neck or in any other place, you need to put a cold on it. Take something out of the freezer and attach it to your neck for 10-15 minutes. But do not overdo it, your task is to stop the damage to the capillaries and remove the swelling, not frostbite.
  2. Light massage. It will help dissolve blood clots.
  3. Ointments and creams. After applying cold and massage, you should apply any bruise ointment bought at the pharmacy: “Rescuer”, “Badyagu”, “Bruise - off”, “Troxevazin” and others.
  4. Folk remedies. These include potatoes. It must be cut into slices or grated and applied to the sore spot. The faster you start this procedure, the faster the hematoma will pass. You can tie a compress of grated potatoes to your neck and walk with it, changing every half hour to fresh.
  5. Heat. On the second and next days, if the hickey is still holding, you need to attach a heated towel to improve circulation and the bruise is absorbed faster.

Using all of the above methods of struggle, you can quickly deal with the problem of how to get rid of the hickey.But it is better, of course, not to bring the matter to his appearance, having agreed in advance with your partner and making it clear that you, of course, are pleased to realize that you are causing him such a strong passion, but you do not want parents, friends or employees were aware of how you spent tonight. And besides, the treatment of hickey is troublesome and not so fast.

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