How to get out in church?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
January 22, 2013
How to get out in church?

When entering into a church marriage, people are most often so blinded by their feelings and emotions that they do not even assume that after some time they will probably ask themselves a question: is it possible to debunk? Life does not stand still and people change too, who is for the better, who is for the worse. However, there are situations when living together with your second, once beloved half becomes completely unbearable. The church, of course, considers the disintegration of the family very regrettable and condemning. And this is not surprising, because you united your union with God's blessing, formed your own “small” church, in which love reigned for each other and for the Lord. Now the heavenly union, which is the earthly image of the union of Christ and the Church, is to be destroyed.

From the Fundamentals of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, one can reliably draw information on how to break out in the church and get acquainted with the reasons for divorce.It should be noted that recently the list of reasons for the dissolution of the marriage union has been supplemented with such items as:

  • physician-certified chronic drug or alcohol addiction;
  • AIDS disease;
  • making a spouse abortion without the consent of the spouse.

Since the church union can be terminated only in exceptional cases and only by the bishop, the procedure of debunking is very laborious. All the subtleties and details in the question, how to debunk, have the secretary of the diocese. It is to him that the spouses bring a certificate of their civil divorce. In the same place, it will be necessary to write a petition in the name of the diocesan bishop about the possibility of dissolution of a church marriage. If the issue is resolved positively, you will be given the appropriate resolution.

However, there is another nuance here, which is not unimportant for a believer. The bottom line is that the right to remarry is given only to the spouse who is not guilty of the breakup of the family. That is, it is not "debunking" that is happening, but the creation of a reunion. A person acquires not freedom, but creates a new family.

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