How to get from Prague airport?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
February 25, 2013
How to get from Prague airport?

Landing at Prague airport, you will probably need to get to the city center, since this is where most of the hotels are located. Our task is to give you a complete answer to the question of how to get from Prague Airport to the city center.

Public transport

In the lobby of the airport you will see several stalls, where anyone can buy tickets for public transport. Also, employees of such kiosks will tell you which route is best to get to the desired place.

To Prague from the airport can be reached by bus number 119. This route takes you to the metro station “Dejvicka”, and from it you can get anywhere in the city. The stop for route 119 is located twenty meters from the exit from the terminal. By the way, we recommend changing the euro to the kroner at the airport. The euro exchange rate to the crown is approximately one to twenty-six. So much will cost a ticket to the city center, because in the Czech Republic are hourly tickets, designed for one trip.

In addition to the 119 bus, there are other routes. For example, the route number 100 - airport - metro Zlichin, the route time - 18 minutes. Bus number 179 airport - metro Nově Butovice takes you to the final stop in forty-five minutes. Bus number 225 Airport - Metro Nově Butovice is a slightly different scheme than the previous route and arrives at the final one in fifty-three minutes. There is also a route that in half an hour takes you to the railway station - Airport Express Airport - Main Station (Metro Line C).

To Prague by Taxi

In addition to buses, you can also choose a more comfortable way to travel. Taxis in Prague from the airport is better to order in special kiosks, which are located on the territory of the airport and are marked with the inscriptions "Taxi AAA", "Taxi111". Using the services of legal taxi carriers, you get to the city center at real and adequate prices. To date, the cost of travel from Prague Airport to the city center can be from 28 to 40 euros. If the taxi driver offers to pay more, it is best to check the counter or ask for a check. Employees of the airport regularly check the activities of taxi drivers, and, nevertheless, many continue to be victims of fraudsters, overpaying instead of the fixed forty euros all two hundred.

Individual transfer

How to get from Prague airport in another way? If you do not want to hustle with suitcases on the bus or look for a taxi driver, order a transfer from the airport to the hotel. The price, in this case, is fixed - from thirty-five euros, provided that they will go from one to three people. This is a very convenient way, because if your flight is delayed, the driver will wait for you anyway, and at the same time will not take extra charge. Say more - he can meet you right in the lobby, holding a sign with your name.

Now you know how to get to the center of Prague by any means of transport. We wish your vacation in the Czech Republic was the best possible!

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