How to get dual citizenship?

By law, any citizen of Russia has the rightto acquire a second citizenship, unlike many other countries, for example, the CIS countries, where taking citizenship of another country will require the renunciation of their own homeland. Russians can obtain dual citizenship without fear of being infringed upon in their own country. Let's see what it takes to get the passport of the most famous countries in the world?

How to obtain dual citizenship

First of all, it should be understood that the doublecitizenship and second citizenship are somewhat different concepts. For example, in our country, neither is prohibited. However, Russia signed an official agreement on dual citizenship only with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. This means that even if you issue a passport of another country for all requirements, in Russia it will be invalid.

How to get dual citizenship in Canada?

To obtain the citizenship of a given country,it is necessary to live there for at least three years. When applying for a Canadian passport, you will be required to prove that you have lived in the country all this time. The Canadian passport is very convenient when moving around the world. With him, you do not need to apply for visas to visit countries in Europe and the United States. Canada recognizes dual citizenship.

Is it possible to have dual citizenship
How to obtain US citizenship?

You can acquire the citizenship of the United States who was born inAmerica. All the rest will need to issue a permanent residence permit. However, for many residents of the country this is quite enough. Temporary documents on residence permits are issued for a period of two years, permanent documents for 10 years. To obtain an American passport, you will need to utter an oath of allegiance. As a result, you will spend at least 7 years on obtaining US citizenship. Of course, the passport of this country is a unique opportunity to travel around the world. However, we should not forget about the reverse side of the coin. You will need to pay taxes, evasion from which in this country is a criminal act. Refusal of US citizenship will not save you from these requirements. After the renunciation of citizenship from you will require another five years to pay taxes on all your income.

Can I have a dual German citizenship?

The answer is no.There is a strict ban on obtaining a second passport in the country. When obtaining a German passport, you must renounce the citizenship of other countries. However, a residence permit in another place is not prohibited. To apply for German citizenship, you must live in the country for at least seven years and prove to the competent authorities that you do not have the passport of any other country.

Double citizenship
So, get a dual citizenship is onbusiness is not so easy. Not only will it take a long time to live in the chosen country in order to prove its firm intentions, but for Russians this procedure is complicated by the absence of legislation regulating this problem. To get a full dual citizenship is real only with two countries: Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The citizenship of any other country will be one-sided, since Russia will not officially be recognized.

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