How to get a partner on YouTube: useful information

How do I connect an affiliate to YouTube? For the time being, the Internet is filled with a huge amount of data, and users, who until very recently greedily absorbed information in printed form, today almost drowned in such a stream of information and switched their interest in high-quality videos. And this trend is not surprising, and popular videohosting increasingly win the hearts of fans and wishing to earn.

how to get an affiliate on youtubePros of the video:

  • it is most convincing;
  • does not cause tension;
  • much better absorbed.

Submission specifically in the video format is considered a more promising direction in comparison with other options for providing information.

At the moment, when YouTube is among the top three most popular web resources in the world, it certainly needs to be given increased interest.

For those who wish to earn and receiveconstant income, there is no hesitation in the need to create your own channel using this videohosting. It can be designed for business as well as for information and other purposes. This is not only a huge advantage for creativity and advertising, but also an opportunity to make good money with the help of a special affiliate program.

Earning potential

how to apply for youtube

Most new users, as well as alreadyhave their own channels, are interested in the main questions: "How to get a partnership on YouTube? Is it possible to have a real income, and what is such cooperation?"

So let's look at this in more detail!

Affiliate program - these are special conditions of cooperation, aimed at channel owners, which allow us to enter into a direct partnership with YouTube.

What will give such a relationship? This is first of all giving your channel new opportunities that were not there before.

Becoming a partner, each owner of the video channel will be able to earn revenue from their own videos on YouTube in the absence of copyright infringement.


"How do I get a partner on YouTube?" - This question worries many.

Here are the channel criteria required for cooperation:

  1. You must have at least 500 subscribers to your channel and at least 100,000 views.
  2. A channel must not contain and display a video that violates copyrights.
  3. There must be at least 10 video materials.
  4. The channel must exist for at least a month.

If your channel matches the submittedcriteria, then the question of how to get a partner on YouTube, easily solved. If these requirements are met, you can apply for partnering without special difficulties.

Registration of partnership

One of the most important moments after meeting basic requirements is, first of all, the correct design. How to apply for Youtube?

how to connect an affiliate on youtubeThe actions are quite simple:

  • First, it requires the preparation of a questionnaire forpartners. Filling should be done in English, especially the part where you want to display your channel, because it will not go differently. After proper registration, you should wait for a special permit. The duration of the response may take from 1 day, and possibly 2-3 or more weeks.
  • Secondly, you should register an Adsense account, also waiting for confirmation, which will be sent to e-mail. The account can be only 1.
  • Third, you'll need to link your Adsense accountto his channel, from which the questionnaire for the partnership was directly filled. You need to do this before you get an affiliate on YouTube. And only then connect the commercial use of their own videos. There are four variants of advertising.

youtube affiliate

Income generation

After carrying out all necessary actionsyou will need to work and improve your channel, weekly downloading 1-3 (more) video and wait for earnings. Your earnings will be based on the number of videos viewed by visitors. Logically, the more users arrive, the greater the likelihood of advertising revenue.

Benefits of connecting to an affiliate program

Pros are huge:

  1. Fast and easy connection.
  2. Absence (practically) of any special requirements to the channel.
  3. No one needs to pay interest on earned money.
  4. The ability to establish your own pictures on video, and not the choice of traditional 3 submitted frames.
  5. The direct earnings from advertising go directly to the owner (directly to you).
  6. It is possible to change the design of the channel, as well as promote your own video.


Summing up and reviewing the facts, you can confidentlymake the only conclusion: YouTube's affiliate is beneficial and promising for both new users and those already having their own channels. Simplicity of connection and possibility of big earnings are the main characteristics of these relations.

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