How to get a loan?

Before you decide for yourself such a question as how to take a loan, you need to think about it, can you not do without a loan at all? And only after you really badly need money, you can consider the options of banking products offered on the domestic market in the field of lending. All loans offered by banks can be divided into three groups - target, non-earmarked and housing. Car loans are also meant by targeted loans, which, in terms of interest rates, are more beneficial for the consumer, that is, for you and me. Before you take out a loan, you need to work out in detail all possible risks, as well as the conditions under which the bank grants you a loan. Be sure to work with a lawyer to work out a loan agreement, the terms of which may contain some nuances that will later become key in resolving controversial issues.

Targeted lending

Target loans are the best option for the consumer, since the interest rates on them are an order of magnitude lower than on untargeted loans.On the other hand, in case of non-payment or delay in repayment of the loan, the goods that you purchased on credit, can go under the hammer, and you should remain with the bank. But let's not think about the bad, deciding which loan is better for buying a car, expensive household appliances, etc.

In addition, target loans are issued by banks for longer periods than non-earmarked ones, and besides, their amounts can be much larger for non-earmarked ones. When applying for such loans, a certain set of documents is required. Bankers are carefully studying the application and credit history of a potential borrower. Targeted lending, as a rule, requires a guarantee and collateral. Therefore, car loans for some Russians is not always the best option, since finding a guarantor these days, who would like to have relations with banks, is not very easy. In addition, cars are not always purchased through the salon, and the bank will not lend to buy a car from hands.


Perhaps, there is not a single adult person who would not find in his mailbox an offer from a bank to receive a credit card.Advertising brochures of a similar nature, mainly send out large banks that are interested in massive non-earmarked lending. You should pay attention to the consumer, who decides for himself what loan is better to take to repair an apartment or for construction purposes, that a credit card has one feature - the money that is transferred to it, you can not accept or take partially, which will significantly reduce your interest expense. Some banks offer credit cards on favorable terms, for example, you can use an interest-free loan for up to 55 days. At the same time, some banks make contracts for card loans, and some do not. Remember that all the conditions of the contract you must examine thoroughly, especially with regard to the conditions of early repayment of the loan, as well as, the accrual of penalties and penalties.

Mortgage credit lending

Non-purpose lending is not suitable for home buying, because the amount of such loans is extremely small. It is not necessary to choose which loan to buy for the purchase of housing, because housing loans, that is, a mortgage, are provided for such purposes.To get a mortgage today is very difficult, despite the fact that many Russian banks offer favorable conditions. Considering the possibility of buying an apartment on credit, you need to understand that a mortgage is a long-term loan, and whether you will be able to pay a loan in a year or two, whether you work in the same organization that pays you a good salary is unknown. But to pay interest on loans, to pay the body of the loan will have to regularly, that is, monthly. Therefore, be sure to consider all options for home purchase, and only in the case when there is no other way out - take a mortgage loan.

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