How to fold the stove?

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How to fold the stove?

Although today there are many ways to heat the room, people still want to have a real oven at home. The oven for many is one of the things that creates home comfort, and the food from the oven is much tastier than from a gas stove. It is quite difficult to find a good stove, as the art of folding stoves is gradually becoming a thing of the past. That is why many people want to know how to fold the stove with their own hands, because you so want to have a warm and high-quality stove at home.

How to fold the stove: the advice of the master

If earlier ovens were mainly designed for heating and cooking, today they also perform a decorative function. That is why the requirements for finishing the furnace have changed a little. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to create very beautiful stoves, and the variety of furnace accessories gives plenty of room for imagination.

Stoves-fireplaces are very popular today, that is, stoves to which a fireplace is neatly attached on one side. Before folding the stove, refer to the specialized literature to understand the basic principles of the creation of furnaces.Prefer old books, as new ones are often filled with poor-quality information. If possible, at least once observe the work of the wizard to understand the features of work, as well as ways to accelerate the process of creating the furnace.

Of course, before building a furnace, you need to decide exactly where it will be, what it will be designed for, what materials you will build it from, and also you need to have a furnace project. To better understand how to fold the oven, videos on the Internet will come to your aid.

How to fold a brick stove

Before you start folding a brick wall, you need to check the correctness of its placement. To do this, lay the first bricks dry. What to determine exactly where the front wall of your furnace will be placed. Here, in this row, you need to mark the location of the outlet channel or chimney, depending on what kind of oven you have.

If you plan to make a mounted pipe, the first lined row is taken as the last. On it you need to expand the bricks, which are intended for one row of pipe. At the corners, which denote the future pipe, you need to pull the plumbs on a long cord from the ceiling.This way you can determine exactly where the pipe will go through the ceiling. Next you need to make a hole in the ceiling for the pipe, while you need to consider that you need to leave room for fire-fighting.

Then you need to check whether the furnace is parallel to the walls, as well as whether the corners of the first row are even. After you are convinced of the correct location of the furnace, you need to lay the corner bricks. The laying of the corners must be checked with the help of a plumb, as it must be strictly vertical. After that, you need to lay the wall, the optimum thickness of which is half a brick. However, you can make a wall of any thickness, but the laying will vary for different thicknesses.

How to fold the Russian stove

The most difficult in the laying is considered to be the Russian stove, since its structure is different from other stoves. The most popular size of the Russian stove, which is being built at home, is considered a stove with a height of 1.8 m, a length of 2.13 m and a width of 1.42 m.

The laying of the Russian stove can be a real problem for an inexperienced stove. A Russian stove cannot be built like a regular wall. Each row of the furnace has its own specific laying, not observing that, you can not make the correct stove.To understand the principle of laying, use the ready-made schemes in the network, each of which illustrates in detail the laying of individual rows.

So the first row of the furnace must be done like this: the outer sides are made of brick, and the empty gap needs to be filled with broken stone. The second row should have two brick walls for partition walls. You must also leave room for wells and blew. The third order masonry is needed for the construction of the door of the blower and the large firebox, after which it is necessary to lay the small fire chamber. The fourth laying begins with the installation of the door of the blower, after which it is necessary to mount the partitions for the wells.

It is better to put all subsequent rows using the scheme, since the verbal description cannot accurately convey the characteristics of their laying. Please note that only following the instructions will allow you to fold the correct Russian stove, since even the slightest mistake can worsen its work.

How to fold the stove for a bath

Before you put the stove for a bath, you need to take into account all the rules of fire safety in its design. If you put a brick oven, it should not touch the walls of the bath, the distance should be at least 30 cm.For a furnace from a metal frame lined with bricks, this distance should be at least 70 cm, and for a metal one 1 m. For a bath stove, you need to take only red brick. Neither a slot, nor a silicate, nor a perforated brick will provide you with the necessary heating, and such a furnace will not last long.

First you need to make a base for the furnace To the level of the floor, it must be laid out with a cement-sand mortar, and the laying above the floor is carried out using a clay-sand mortar. Making cement is very simple: sand with cement is mixed in a ratio of 3 to 1 and diluted with water.

For the manufacture of clay mud solution you need to take the clay and dry granular sand. It is desirable to soak the clay for three days with water in any metal container. Clay with sand is mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1 and sieved through a sieve, then bred to the desired consistency. Take a clean planed board and mix the solution. If there is clay at the bottom of the tank, the sand is no longer needed to fill up, but it is worth filling the clay. If clay is stuck to the board with a large lump, add sand. If the clay sticks to the board in flat areas, the solution is ready.The laying of the furnace begins with the fact that the bricks are laid dry, repeating the future laying. First you need to lay the corners of the furnace.

In a dry trowel they collect the mortar and lay it out in place of the masonry, trying to distribute evenly over the area. For each brick you need to take the same amount of mortar. Before laying the brick, it is necessary to immerse it in water by 20 cm, then quickly lay it on the mortar and carefully tap it with a trowel so that the layer of mortar is about 5 mm, not more. Remove excess mortar with a trowel. On the edge of the brick, which he will touch the other brick, you need to apply a layer of solution of 2-3 mm. During laying, constantly tweak the bricks with light strokes so that they lie flat.

It is important that before you start laying the stove for a bath you have thought through all the other elements. Construction of doors, dampers, water tanks and grates will need to be carried out directly during the laying of the furnace. After you finish the laying of the oven, you need to dry it, opening all its doors and leaving at least 3 days. After drying, you need to heat the stove on the valve several times a day for 20 minutes. The stove can be considered dry when moisture is no longer accumulated on the damper.

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