How to fix headphones that started to fail

Quite often, the owners of portable music devices have a question: “How to repair headphones?” Despite all the efforts of manufacturers to make a reliable and durable design, damage during operation is inevitable. The only question is how soon this will to fix headphonesNevertheless, this is not a cause for undue concern, since it can literally take you half an hour to figure out how to fix the headphones and perform the restoration yourself. But first things first.


Before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to identify which part of the headphones is out of order. Usually it does not require any special skills, just check the most vulnerable places. These include the area at the plug where the wire goes into the connector (many manufacturers reinforce this place with a plastic material), solder inside the case and the conductor itself in an arbitrary place. Again, in how to fix the headphones, there is nothing difficult, but provided that the damage is correctly identified. In other words, this is a kind of diagnosis.It is very simple to perform: first you need to gently shake the wire at the connector (headphones are on, the sound is played), if this is the case, then the malfunction will stop for a moment. The fact is that due to the constant bending of the wire in this place, the conductors inside the insulation often break. If the sound in one of the headphones (phones) sounds quieter, wheezes or is heard as the wire touches the diffuser, then you cannot do without opening the case. Finally, sometimes it is enough to shake some specific place of the wire so that the sound is restored. This means that you need to learn how to fix the headphones, whose wire is damaged. So let's summarize the localization. There are three main causes of breakdowns: a conductor break at the plug, problems with the wire inside the phone case, breakage of the cord itself.

how to fix headphones with a microphonePlug

There are two ways to solve this problem: installing a new plug and repairing an existing one. We recommend using the first one, since only in this case it is possible to maintain the normal appearance of the headphones. Any soldering, glue, heat shrinkable tube, which will have to be used when restoring the old plug, will be visible.So, how to fix headphones with a faulty wire at the plug? First you need to buy a new one. They are metal and plastic. The latter are more convenient, since the possibility of accidental shorting of contacts is excluded, and the mass is less. Stepping back from the base of the old 1-2 cm (depending on the location of the break), it is necessary to cut off the plug. Next, you need to carefully cut the edge of the insulation, find the three wires (in some models it can be 4) and clean their ends. Unscrew the new collapsible plug, lead the wire into it, tie into a knot to prevent pulling out and solder the ends of the conductors to the terminals. Usually covered with colored lacquer - signal, and copper - "mass". It is permissible to pour all the hot melt. That's all. If anyone is interested in how to fix headphones with a microphone, then there the procedure is almost the same, except that there are one more to fix headphones wireBy the way, the "mass" is always located closer to the plug.


If there is a malfunction inside one of the headphones, you need to open the case with a knife, lay the conductors there so that they do not touch the membrane, and fix them with hot melt.

The wire

If the cord is damaged, then a localized fracture should be cut out. Then clean the ends of the conductors, put on each of them a shrink tube of the desired diameter, also remember to place the tube on the outer insulation of the cord. Next, solder the appropriate conductors and insulate the soldering points with a tube (heat up with a match or a lighter). This is the most accurate way, much more practical than using electrical tape.

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