How to find out your date of birth?

Rarely, but still there are such situations when even the most basic information, for example, the date of birth, is unknown to a person about himself. Let's talk about how you can find out where and who to turn to for help in finding an answer.

How to find out your date of birth: ways

  • If you suddenly forgot when you were born, you can look into your personal documents - in almost all documents, the date of birth is indicated (for example, in a birth certificate or in a passport).
  • A child can find out the date of birth from his parents or other close relatives.
  • You can also ask for help at your maternity hospital - data about all born children should be stored in such institutions. You can find out not only the full date of your birth, but also hours and minutes.
  • Such information is also stored in the registry office, so there too, you can ask for help. However, it is not so easy to get information of interest there.

Perhaps these are all ways that can help you in any way. When contacting the registrar or the maternity hospital, you need to give as much information as possible about the person you are looking for in order to make it easier to search among a multitude of data about other people.

Horoscope rectification

It often happens that at birth an inaccurate date of birth of the child is recorded, mistaken in minutes. But if you want to make a detailed and clear natal chart for a person, you need to determine the time of birth as accurately as possible, because the difference even in a few minutes can significantly affect the horoscope. How to find the most accurate date of your birth? Rectification of the horoscope allows you to specify the time of birth for the events in a person's life.

There are several methods of rectification, for example, rectification by transit, primary and secondary directorates, the Bonatti method, etc. You can find more detailed information on each method and try to rectify yourself or ask your astrologer for help. For a qualitative rectification, you will need to provide your astrologer with a photo (if the time of birth is completely unknown) and information about 7-9 important events in your life. Important, for example, are the dates of such events: the marriage or divorce of parents, the death of one of the parents, the birth of a brother or sister, an important move, the onset of a serious illness, etc.

Where was it possible to find out the date of birth?

From the beginning of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, metric books were used - registers in which acts of civil status were registered (birth, marriage, death). Such books were kept in church parishes, and civilian officials and clergy engaged in this.

Since metric books consisted of three parts, they were often also called tripartite. The first part was devoted to the born. Every person born in the metric book had its own serial number, then it indicated the full date of birth and baptism, then gender, name, place of residence, estate, possession, religion, information about biological parents. If the child was born illegally, then this is also indicated in the register. After that, recorded data about the godparents.

After the revolution, metric books were kept only by government officials. Due to the changes, part of the metric records was lost, some dates were confused, some marriages, births and deaths were not registered.

On September 16, 1918, the Code of Acts of Civil Status was adopted, the civil registry offices appeared, which subsequently were engaged in the registration of births, marriages and deaths.

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