How to fill out a check?

In everyday life, we often face a situation when you need to fill out a check. But how to fill in the sales receipt, they know not all. The sales receipt is issued by the seller, confirming the fact of sale. If you have a sales receipt, you can be sure of the exchange of goods or the return of money that was paid for it. Confirming the fact of purchase for a certain amount, you can submit a receipt to the accounting department. In this case, expenses that you incur for personal money, but for business purposes, will be reimbursed. Consider how to fill out a check. You must specify the following data:

  1. Product Name;
  2. price;
  3. quantity;
  4. check number;
  5. payment amount;
  6. Date of sale;
  7. name of the seller and / or store;
  8. the signature of the seller directly;
  9. print.

Generalizations when filling out a sales receipt are not allowed. For example, “laundry soap - 1 pc. at the price of 10 p. / 1 ​​piece., napkins table - 2 pack. at the price of 25 p. / 1up. "

If there is no seal on the check, it is necessary to indicate the name of the organization, TIN. The seller must sign the check. Cash register equipment of the modern type allows you to receive all the necessary information on the check, including the date, name and value of the goods.In any case, require that you be sealed with a cash document, or ask to write you a receipt.

Some organizations and individual entrepreneurs do not work with cash registers, then ask to write out a receipt with the following information:

  1. name, sequence number and date of issue of the document;
  2. the name of the organization or the full name of the individual entrepreneur;
  3. TIN;
  4. name of the product or service;
  5. quantity;
  6. amount to be paid in rubles;
  7. position, full name the person who issued the check;
  8. the name of the store and its address;
  9. in the absence of a residence permit it is required OGRN and passport data of the entrepreneur.

How to fill out a cash check

There is no single rule for filling in checks from a checkbook. The following are principles that will help you get this done as accurately as possible.

  • Fill the check strictly with blue pasta by hand. It is unacceptable to make any corrections, blots, grammatical errors, as a check in this case is invalid.
  • The value of all the details indicate clearly. You can not go beyond the fields that are reserved for writing text and numbers.
  • Indicate dates in a two-digit format, for example, September 08th.
  • If the name of the organization is not indicated by a stamp, then in column No. 1 “Checker” indicate the passport details of the account holder or the name of the company itself.
  • Enter the city / village in which you are served in the "Place of issue".
  • Write the required amount in words, the presence of kopecks is prescribed in numbers. Draw the remaining space, if any, in two lines.
  • Filling in the column "Pay", write the surname, name, patronymic in the dative case, to whom the money is given. If there is space left - put a dash in two lines.
  • In the nominative case, list the required amount. Abbreviations of the words "ruble", "penny" are not allowed. Select the remaining space again with a double line.
  • Sign the signature only after filling out all the details on the check.
  • On a special place, put a seal. Make sure that the seal does not go beyond the place reserved for it. The print should be clear.
  • Enter the amount and sign the reverse side of the check.

How to fill out a bank check

  1. When filling out a bank check, use a blue or black ballpoint pen or ink pen. Do not use different ink.
  2. To fill in the field about the drawer, enter the data: name of the company, if its owner is an enterprise; or surname, name, patronymic of the owner. Write the account number.
  3. Specify the required amount in words and numbers.
  4. By writing your full name. from the beginning of the corresponding column, underline the remaining space with a double line.
  5. The signature on your bank check must be fully consistent with the signature on the card that is stored in the sample bank.
  6. On the back of a bank check, indicate the purpose of the expense for which you withdraw money. For example, for business needs or for wages for December.
  7. It is necessary to mark the document proving the identity of the recipient. When presenting your passport, indicate the series, number, date and place of issue.
  8. Pass the check stub to the cashier and get the above amount. Keep the spine for 3 years.

Now you have a fairly complete idea of ​​how to fill out a check, whatever questions it may concern. The main thing is not to make mistakes when filling it out.

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