How to escape from the heat?

In the southern regions of the heat is transferred much easier than in the central regions of the continent. In the south there is a lot of moisture and salt in the air; this establishes a balance of moisture between the environment and the human body. And in areas with a sharply continental climate, the air is dry, strong wind, in the daytime +40, at night 26 heat. No salvation, it would seem! But no, there are ways how to escape from the heat in these conditions.

General recommendations

Doctors have long recommended walking in the heat barefoot on the grass. On the soles there are a lot of receptors that help restore the water-salt balance in the body, and it is the grass that is able to fully influence them. Instead of water, it is necessary to consume more water-containing vegetables and fruits - cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, apples, cherries, plums, etc. Do not eat heavy foods - fat, meat, pasta with meat sauces, all fat and high-calorie. Do not drink water from the refrigerator, do not dive with a run-up into the river, do not go abruptly into the room where it is cold. Temperature extremes are the main cause of sore throats and colds in the heat.

Heat in the house

If we analyze the list of places where they are saved from the heat, the “house” will be in one of the first places. After all, many already have air conditioning. Do not forget that cooling at +15 in the house and +40 outside can only harm you. The temperature difference should be 10-12 degrees. And try to cool down gradually. While at home, make yourself green tea. Drink it moderately hot, better without sugar. You can take a cool shower, but not cold! Wear home clothes made from natural light fabrics, synthetics will only irritate the skin and clog pores on the skin, which is an important part in regulating body temperature. Eat fruit and ice cream as snacks. And do not apply makeup at home, too much skin irritation is completely useless. Do not get carried away in the heat of beer, it removes moisture from the body, causing more and more thirst. Also, do not drink vodka and strong coffee. A white wine in the heat is useful. Especially if it is diluted in half with mineral water.

Heat at work

Heat in the office - a terrible test for the body. But there one should not just sit and fight the heat, but work! And not always on the job site there is a split system.Someone works on the street and in the shop at the machine. So the best protection from the heat - compliance with the basic rules. It is necessary to drink a glass of pure water every half hour. Place an aquarium near the workplace and a large water tank in the workshop. So the air will be moistened. Do you have a spray gun? Spray them several times a day indoors. It is very well saved from the heat by a wet napkin, laid on the neck, on the largest vertebra. You can rinse your hands to your shoulders and face with water several times a day. Rest, relax for 5 minutes, at least leaning on the table, with your head on your hands. Do this every 2 hours. And the most important things, try not to appoint from 12 to 16 hours. This is the most difficult time in the heat.

Heat in the car

Good protection against heat in the car - special curtains that reflect the sun's rays. Now on sale there are many types of protective screens on all glass. When you go away on business, put them in the car, it will heat up a lot less. And a good way to reduce the attracted heat to the car is the purity and brilliance of the outer coating. In no case do not leave on the panel in the car everything related to compressed gas - lighters, cylinders with hairspray, gas for charging lighters, etc. They can just explode. If you have the opportunity to install air conditioning in the car, then do not miss it.

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