How to equip the suburban area? Ideas for giving

Having bought or received a country house as an inheritance, each owner thinks about how to equip the dacha. There are a lot of answers to this question. Some publications advise when improving to pay special attention to the garden design. This allows you to decide on a recreation area, place it in a cozy place. Country forums recommend to make parking for the car off the site - this allows you to free up additional space.

how to equip the dacha

Planning a summer house design

When planning how to arrange a summer cottage with your own hands, you must determine the location of all zones: recreation, garden, car parking, gazebo, outbuildings. This must be done in advance, since your comfort depends on where and what will be located at the cottage. Imagine visually what a flowerbed, garden or arbor will look like. Planning can be designed on paper. Well, if you do not have enough experience and you do not know how to create a design of the suburban area, you can ask for help from specialists.

Beautiful garden - the pride of the owner

As practice shows, the garden in the suburban areas has a small size.The best option would be the location in the landscape style. In order to visually expand the boundaries of the site, it is recommended to plant shrubs, create rounded lawns, and winding paths.

Remember that in small areas there should not be tall and voluminous trees. If you still have this one, it is advisable to give the crown its original form. For this you can use pruning.

suburban area design

The design of the suburban area can be done in a classic style, and in any other. Choose trees to your taste: plant birch trees, linden or maple. If you want to have a garden of fruit plants, it is better to choose dwarf varieties. You make room for lawns, and under the canopy of a tree you can always place a bench for rest.

Landscape Design Work

A special role in creating the design of a country residence is played by landscape design. Firstly, it is beautiful, fashionable and cozy, and secondly, if you put a little effort, your imagination and finances, the result will be amazing.

landscape design

The work on landscape design should begin with planning and outlining the picture you want to bring to life.There can only be your individual vision or just copying the version you like.

When doing a sketch on paper, do not forget to take into account existing buildings and landings. It should also be borne in mind that the area where your site. For example, if you live near a forest, then landscape design should be in the style of a forest.

Do not forget about the vegetation on the site. If you like fruit trees, then, having made several species of wild plants, just add originality to the design. Plant lime, raspberry, blackberry, walnut. These trees will bear fruit and decorate the site.

Flower beds, pond - additional design elements

Equipping a summer cottage with your own hands, do not forget about flower beds. Experts recommend planting flowers that are unpretentious in the care and are short.

summer cottage with his own hands

If you have enough land, your own small pond will only make it cozier. Near the pond you can soak up the coolness on a bench, talk with friends or just relax yourself in the shade of the trees.

When deciding how to equip the dacha, it is worth remembering that the main thing in design is simplicity, elegance and modesty.

The Japanese-style garden looks originally.Everything in it is in harmony with each other, it looks natural and compact. The peculiarity of such a garden is the presence of small architectural structures, while flowerbeds, paths and lawns should be only the correct form.

Very original look flower beds in the style of the four seasons.

Swing in the country: the rules of choice

To the cottage was not only a place of work, but also rest, you need to place a swing on the site. The best option are swing sofas, they are suitable not only for the entertainment of children, but also a comfortable adult rest.

To choose the right swing for giving, you need to understand their types and principle of operation. They are stationary, folding and folding, compact and designed for a large number of seats.

swing to give

In stores you can offer three options:

  • Swing economy class. Their cost is up to 200 y. e. The frame is made of metal pipes with a polymer coating. Here it is worth paying special attention to the upholstery. In the products of Russian or Belarusian manufacturers, it is made of their cotton fabric, which quickly becomes unusable.But you can always buy a new case, they are on sale. Choosing a model, you should pay attention to the presence of limiters or latches. This is necessary for those owners who like to relax on a swing with coffee or another drink. Preferring Polish manufacturers, you should remember that their swings have a minimum loading capacity and non-folding seats.
  • Products comfort class. Price category - up to 500 y. e. You will receive products from a Chinese or Swedish manufacturer. You can offer a wooden version of the swing - they are reliable; options of metal and fabric, which has an artificial origin.
  • Swing luxury. As a rule, the price for them - from 1500 at. e. They have a large warranty period, are highly comfortable, reliable.

Arbor for giving - what to give preference?

Arrangements and arrangement of the gazebo a lot. You can order a ready-made version from the material you like or build it yourself.

If you love originality and the chosen design allows you to harmoniously enter the conversation in your summer cottage, then the forged construction will be the best option.It will be necessarily individual, since you yourself will be able to think about the look of the elements.

arbor to give

The arbor for giving from a tree not bad looks. You can also buy it finished or build it yourself. For this suitable building material from pine.

The building itself can be decorated with climbing plants, which will help to harmoniously fit it into the existing design. The main thing that you should remember: a gazebo to give should be spacious and comfortable for hanging out.

Toilet on the summer cottage - one of the most basic outbuildings

Considering how to equip the dacha, pay special attention to the toilet. To create it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money. Today ready-made toilet blocks are available on the market. You can also order a ready-made wooden structure.

If you decide to build your own toilet to give, you will need the following materials: slate, sheet metal, decking, wooden board, plywood, fiberboard.

Waste disposal issue

Before construction, you must decide on the issue of waste disposal. There are several options:

  • Dig a cesspool and place a plastic or metal container in it. The merits of such a method are minimal, but the drawbacks are weight. Where to take a filled pot? Who will do the job?
  • Cesspit. After full filling, the toilet will have to be moved to a new place, and the pit will be filled with bleach and buried. This method is suitable for those who have large plots of land.
  • Dry closet with a special liquid. The waste products decompose under the influence of this fluid, and they can be thrown into the ground.

When you decide on the type of cesspool, you can proceed to the construction of the toilet. The optimum distance to a residential building is 12 meters. Do not put a toilet on the border with the neighbors, they also unpleasant smells from your room. Do not forget that this structure should be at a distance of 25-30 meters from the well with water.

toilet to give

How to equip the dacha, each owner decides for himself. Talk to your loved ones, and a solution will be found for the placement of all buildings, gardens, lawns and ornamental flower beds. Creating coziness and comfort at your summer cottage, do not be afraid of your fantasies.The main thing that you were good in this place. If you set a goal to create the best site, you will definitely achieve it.

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