How to entertain guests for a birthday?

Birthday is a holiday that is worthy of being celebrated loud and fun. Birthday is your holiday, so be sure to pay special attention to yourself on this day. Make it so that not your guests like it, but you yourself. Although the guests also do not forget. We must try to find some golden middle. In other matters, often any party is determined by the people who participate in it. Let's think about what can be done on your birthday, how to entertain guests?

How to entertain guests for a birthday - options

We think together

Organize a trip to any institution. For example, visit a movie where you can enjoy the intrigue of a movie with your friends. For some reason, this is the first thing that came to our mind.

There is such a thought. Why not plan with your friends what you want to do on your birthday? Get together a week before the event and brainstorm. Let everyone will offer their ideas, even the most incredible.Someone alone will write down these ideas, and then you all choose something that you like. Do not forget, ideas can be combined and developed. As practice shows, such planning is very fun and at ease. As a result, you will receive a wonderful plan that will work exactly on the most crucial day - on your birthday.

Funny Games

What else can you think of to really surprise the guests? In addition to various food and drink there are interesting and fun games. Try twister. The time of the game in the twister flies by unnoticed and brings a whole bunch of pleasure and positive emotions. Try to play board games where you need something to go through or complete tasks. Usually during the course of these games, each participant finds an interesting activity for himself and will be entertained at your birthday party. If you have no board games at home, then feel free to surf the Internet.

What can be found on the Internet? Various exercises, taken from psychological trainings, will be very useful and entertaining. By the way, if you have a familiar psychologist, he will probably tell you which exercises can be used as joint games. After playing a bit, you can learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.

The most famous games that usually always bring success to the owner are the "crocodile" (association) and the "game of famous people." The first fun is this. One of the participants in the game says another word that the latter must show. Only these two participants know what they are talking about. The meaning of the game is that the rest of the participants will guess what a person was making a word. The word should be shown only in movements. No words can be used. You can not point to the object directly, if, for example, it is in the same room where the game takes place. In rare cases, the rules of the game allow you to show letters that are contained in a word.

The second fun is the game of famous people. Here's how to play to entertain guests for their birthday. Each of the participants writes on a piece of paper of some character known to all participants. This may be a cartoon character or a real living politician, a rock star or a famous fashion model, and so on. The main condition - all participants must know this character. Further, all participants put their leaves in one pile. You can put them in a hat, for example.It is necessary to mix the contents of the cap, so that each participant gets an unknown character. Then the presenter distributes to the participants the leaflets that cannot be looked at. All participants turn away the leaf from themselves and lean it against the forehead. Now, everyone sees that who has written, except for his leaflet, respectively. The facilitator chooses who will start. The task of a person is to find out which character is written on a piece of paper that he got. How it's done? The participant, the guessing character, asks the group questions. Questions should be simple, which can only be answered with "Yes" or only "No". The number of questions is usually limited. Restrictions are set at the request of the group. After the participant has coped with the task, the queue proceeds to the next. This continues until all participants guess their characters.

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